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16g circular barbell piercing

 Today I got my nipples pierced, as I've wanted them done since I was 11 when my cousin got his done. My girlfriend is still unaware that I wanted to do this and I haven't told her yet. But I wasn't willing to give up something I've wanted to do for years if she didn't approve so it will be a shock to her when she finds out but its okay.

Debating over weather I should really go through with this, I walked into a few studios by my college and all of the people their either didn't seem as if they were clean or they didn't have a piercer available for another week. As I wasn't comfortable with a semi-dirty shop, I went back around by my house and went to a well-known studio there. Not only did the shop seem clean but they had all their certifications on the wall and even the past months spore test results from their autoclave, which when I asked one of the studios up by school for their spore test result they were really jerks about it, shuffled trough some papers and then went on to tell me how they are required to mail them in to the health department.

Not only did that seem strange to me, but even if they were required to mail them in a smart shop would do one of the following, send in a copy of the original so potential customers can be reassured or second, at least save a copy of the original in which they mailed into the health department so we can have some sort of proof. Anyways, back to going into the clean shop at home, the shop assistant welcomed me and explained the procedure while the piercer was on the phone and asked if I had any questions and I didn't as I've been researching this for quite a while. I had to fill out about 3 pages of paperwork, which took about 10 minutes.

Then I was taken back into the piercing room, which was very clean. After thinking about weather I wanted captive bead rings, barbells or the circular barbells on which I decided we went ahead and started with the rest of the procedure. He continued to set up with all of the items needed. He then proceeded to ask me to take my shirt off. My nipples were marked with the purple piercing marker they used.

At this point I was nervous, as I haven't had any other piercing. He said that he had his done and it was a short sharp pain and I shouldn't have a problem since I already had a tattoo. I've read experiences where people said the clamps hurt just as bad as the needle and I didn't think that was the case at all. I felt no discomfort with the forceps. Now was the moment of truth in which I had to start taking deep breaths. As I watched the needle go in for the first piercing I didn't flinch at all. Then it was time for the second piercing, when everyone says the second one hurts more, they aren't kidding.

The circular barbells were put in place and he explained that I was to wash the piercing four times a day and spray a saline spray on it. These are very different care instructions from those that I've read about online so I will definitely try the sea salt soaks as recommended by many other piercers.

The cost was $60 USD and I tipped the piercer $10, walking out paying $70 for shiny nipples. The bleeding was pretty much non-existent. Approximately five hours after there was no blood on my white tank underneath my shirt and nothing really wrong that I could have to worry about. After the first half hour of them being in, it felt pretty much normal, with no discomfort. I have washed them without any problem so far and rotated them as I was instructed.

The second day things were pretty much the same. The only real difference that I had was the fact that my nipples felt a little bit sore, as if they were bruised by the forceps or even inside by the needle. Other than that, there was a little dried up blood on the end where the wound meets the jewelry and that is really about it. I really like how they fit, however, when washing them I realized that the circular barbells that were used were of two different sizes which looks strange but its only temporary.

I'm scheduled to go back for a two week check up with the piercer to ensure that everything is healing properly. With such a good experience I will go back to the same place soon for a prince albert.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Unknowen
Studio: No+Name+Tattoo
Location: Michigan

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