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Third time's the charm (and most pleasant)

    Ever since I can remember, I've found the idea of having or touching pierced nipples fascinatingly arousing.  Coming from a family with a "traditional" (euphemism of the month) aesthetic, tattoos and piercings were verboten, let alone something as radical as nipple piercings.  I felt ashamed at finding such a "gross and freaky" piercing attractive and told absolutely no-one I wanted them, or someone with them.  Needless to say, within a month after I moved into my freshman-year dorm at LSU I had my very own holey nipples.  I got them done by an intimidating man in a dimly-lit room with no way of knowing what to expect, pain-wise or even shop-wise.  The clamps hurt as much as I expected the piercing to hurt, and the piercing hurt even more.  I walked out of the shop with a throbbing chest and a feeling of indefinable completeness.  My ears were pierced and stretched to 6g, but never before had I even heard a piercing could make one so... aware of a part of one's body.

I noticed my nipples now- the movement of my shirt fabric, the tug of a backpack strap, even the sliding of retracting seatbelts all caught my attention, and not in an erotic way as I had previously thought. I began to pay attention to the sensations all over my body, with my nipples as the antennae.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an (often untimely) end.  Scared my parents might notice through my shirt and ask some awkward questions, I took them out on Thanksgiving vacation, about three months after piercing them.  I missed them from the moment the steel bars left my body and began plotting to get them back... even though I took them out of my own accord.  The following February (2008), I had them re-pierced at a different shop in Baton Rouge and kept them in all through the spring semester, taking them out again in July after I had moved back home.  I tried to put them back in as soon as I was out of the lake and in the shower, but 3 hours of swimming had conspired against me- they had closed enough to prevent re-insertion.  I gave the whole idea of nipple piercings up for lost, at least until I wasn't reliant on my parents, and moved on to designing and outlining my chestpiece. 

I moved out in February 2009 and assumed my financial and bodily independence- I was finally free to stretch my ears bigger than my parents would ever allow and free to re-pierce my nipples!  However, at $7.25 an hour, setting aside $80 for the piercings, jewelry, and tip seemed significantly less important.  I concentrated on stretching my ears to 00g, as jewelry seemed much more attainable.  About a week ago, however, one of my friends showed me his nipple rings.  Now all I saw when he walked in class was the telltale bulges under his shirt, next to his backpack straps.  I'd never really found him attractive, but the sight of his beautifully adorned nips completely altered my view- he was hot.  He unwittingly re-ignited my fascination with having pierced nipples. 

I did some research into the local shops and quickly settled on World of Body Works.  Not only did it have the most professional staff and best prices but nearly everyone I talked to who was visibly modded agreed that WoBW did an excellent job.  I showed up this morning a few minutes before opening to avoid a wait, but alas- the piercer hadn't arrived yet.  I filled out the requisite paperwork and mulled over the future satisfaction of noticing my nipples again, and within 25 minutes Miriam walked through the door.  Her demeanour instantly put me at ease- while maintaining a relaxed air of professionalism, she made me feel at home and answered all of my questions knowledgeably.  She set me in the dentist chair, unwrapped everything in front of me, and even explained how to confirm that everything autoclaved or packaged was sterile.  Granted, by the third time I was pretty comfortable with aftercare and the pain to be expected, but nothing could have prepared me for the sensa

tion today- it was almost... pleasant? As she clamped my left nipple, poised the needle next to the tissue, and instructed me to breathe, my heart began pounding- not with nervousness, but anticipation. I watched the needle run through my nipple and felt a dull throb, as if someone had squeezed it. There was no sharp pain in either nipple and I asked Miriam "...that's it?" It wasn't nearly as stressful, traumatic or gasp-inducing as the first two times. She slid in the 10g CBRs behind the needles, popped in the beads, and carefully placed two comfortable bandages over my oozing nips, handed me her card, and wished me well. The entire process took less than 30 minutes and was the single most pleasant experience in a shop I've ever had. The entire staff of WoBW was friendly and almost happy for me to be there- a far cry from my previous shop experiences with tattooed tough-guys. I can't wait for them to heal.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Miriam
Studio: World+of+Body+Works
Location: Lafayette%2C+LA

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