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They said it would hurt...

I've been reading submissions on this site for years, always saying that I would get my nipples pierced. Well, 5 years later, during work, I said "I'm getting my nipples pierced." Now, you have to know that by "looking at me" I would never be your tattoo/piercing advocate, but don't get it twisted. All of the best people that I know have some kind of body modification. So, I left work early as I had another appointment and at 3pm today, I went to the piercing studio parking lot, shaking a bit but I felt really good about my decision. I thought "hey if I don't like it, then I'll leave, I have that right. I haven't paid for anything. Plus, I can still make my appointment by four."

Well, I walked up the street, past all these tattoo shops that I didn't even know where there, to the first store on the corner. I walked in and when asked what I wanted done, I said "I would like to get my nipples pierced." Well, I didn't have anyone laugh or make me feel like I was "off my rocker" I mean, it was a wonderful first few minutes. Then I was asked if I wanted rings or barbells. Well, I love barbells. I always wanted to get horizontal barbells, plus how great was it that they had my favorite color: purple or at least a form of it: bpurple. I was in hog heaven and I was ready to do this thing.

Well after getting all my paperwork done and meeting my awesome piercing Sarah, I was ready for it. I got lined up and then came the clamps. Now I was expecting pain from them because who are you kidding?! I read the horror stories on here. I was expecting pain, but none came. That's when I saw that doggone on needle. It was as sharp as a razor and probably could kill someone. I almost chickened out. But I was already on the table and I was going for it. They were my nipples and I wanted piercings dang it! So, I said, "let me count to three" and I took a deep breath, then needle went in and "Ow, Shit" came out of my mouth. She was laughing as I already had previously apologized for any foul language that would come out of my mouth. She walked around to the other side of the table, with that clamp and another needle (when I say this place is clean it is CLEAN. It's cleaner than if you cleaned your face with bleach.) She clamped me again and I had to sike myself up for the seco nd one, but I wanted a matching pair and not just one. So I did my three count and in went the needle and out came "Ow Shit". Well, I figure it hurt more getting the jewelery in than getting the piercing. Sarah said that I would "feel a pinch and then it would be over." Well it did feel like a pinch, but with a kick. If you had a tattoo, or gave birth then you can handle it. You won't really remember the pain. :)

Well, that was almost four hours ago, and I LOVE them. I didn't have any blood, but the shirt and bra were a pain in the butt. I have found that sitting in a loose bathrobe works for me. I feel pretty good now. Now, I have two bpurble colored additions to my ta-tas and I'm loving it. I've already cleaned them once, and I have no pain once I got rid of the top. Don't try to drive over bumps, that was just added pain, and driving with the seat belt was torture. It kept tightening up on me, so I had to hold it while driving (it made for funny looks of other drivers, but they just didn't have their nipples pierced!) I had to call my appointment and say I would be a bit late as I was on the other side of town, but it was totally worth it!

Ladies, if you are thinking about any piercing, don't take too long. (remember I'm Miss 5 years to make a decision.) Just make sure that you research research and again research. There are alot of screwed up studios out there so make sure that you are comfortable. If you get a funny feeling...Listen to it and get out of there. I would rather lose a bit of money than something else.

Also, I found that I was more comfortable that the studio were part of APP (Association of Professionals Piercers)Everyone was really nice. They even make you sit down for a couple of minutes to make sure that you are not going to faint or anything. Now, if I can just find a wonderful tattoo studio to re-do my tattoo and get my last one, I think that I will be set.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Sarah
Studio: Immaculate+Piercing
Location: Columbia%2C+SC

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