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Happy Birthday To Me

It was pretty much of a spur of the moment decision, I decided about a week before my 18th birthday that I was going to get my nipples pierced. I hadn't been thinking about it for a long time, I hadn't debated over it, I just did it. My boyfriend and I had discussed it briefly before but never with the intent to get it done. My best friend has hers done and my boyfriend thinks piercings are really hot (I love them too) so I decided once I turned 18 I would go for it. I had only had 2 other body piercing before this (belly button and lip and the lip was done by a friend in her bedroom)so I was a little nervous.

So on my birthday, we walked in (my best friend, boyfriend and I) and I told them I wanted to get my nipples pierced. They checked my ID and I signed all the papers, my boyfriend paid (it was my birthday present)and they went back to set up. He had an apprentice working with him so she was there for the whole process as well. A few minutes later he said it was okay for me to come back. I went in, sat down in the chair, took off my shirt and bra (tip: wear a tight fitting bra, the less friction on the fresh pierce the better), they both put on clean gloves and showed me all the supplies. It made me happy to know that everything was still wrapped and steril. The apprentice cleaned my nipples, and marked them. Then the piercer checked her marks to make sure they were straight. He explained to her how he did the piercing and asked me if I was uncomfortable with anything he had said to her about the process or uncomfortable with the fact that he was training someone and using me a s the test dummy. I told him I didn't mind being an example, "ya gotta learn sometime" I joked. He didn't use clamps to pierce, and I'm thankful for that, he pulled my nipple out slightly and told me take a deep breath in, and pierced me as i exhaled (standard piercing procedure I assume). Then he put the ring in, that pinched a little but nothing really too noticable. The pain on a scale of one to ten (1 being very little)I'd have to say it was about a four. The second one was definately worse. I thought that the second one wouldn't be as bad since I knew what to expect but thats not the case. Same process, pull it out slightly, deep breath, and pierce. I muttered something to my friend about her boyfriend being right and the second one being worse and we all laughed a little. Pain scale five and a half, so not really all that much worse. The piercer said that female nipples are much easier and less painful to pierce because the nerve endings are more spread out cause the n ipple is bigger...who knew??

That day I think they got hit six or seven times. My mom flicked them and told me I was stupid. A few friends hit them after telling them what I had done just to mess with me. It hurt a little but nothing worth talking about. They were sore that day, and the next few days thanks to my 6 month old and my friends constantly hitting them lol, but probably a week later they didn't even hurt.

The aftercare has been really simple. Clean them under running water with Ivory bar soap two or three times a day. Rotate the rings while cleaning to make sure the soap goes through the pierce. And rinse them well. It's really easy to do in the shower, standing at a sink not really as easy but I figured it out.

I love Warrior. They did my belly button when I was 16, and a week ago did the bottom of my belly button. They're very professional and very good at making people comfortable. I've gone with a few friends there to get their piercing and I've never had a bad experience. they joke around and I love their personalities. I'm a sarcastic person so I get along well with the staff.

Tomorrow is my two week mark and I'm going back to have them checked. They're doing really great. They don't hurt anymore and I haven't had any problems with infection or puss. I love the way they look and they're really low maintainance and so far they've been fun to have. People's reactions are priceless lol! My advice is if you want them, get them. And wear a tight bra. They're really cute and totally worth it. Just do it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Sage
Studio: Warrior+Piercing
Location: Levittown+PA

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