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Finally got the nipples done.

Just a little background first. I had been toying with the idea of getting my nipples pierced for the last few years, but never really put much thought into it. I kept brushing the idea aside because they would be my first piercing that were below the neck. Needless to say, the guy I've been seeing for awhile now was pretty excited about the thought of me getting them done, so that was a nice motivator for me to actually get up the balls to do it.

Today is Thursday, and I just got my nipples done yesterday. I was already going to be in the town where I got them done because I was visiting my sister, so kind of on a whim I just decided to go ahead and get them pierced. I wore no bra, but instead a tight tank top under my t-shirt that has one of those built in bras. None of my friends had bothered to tell me that the shop had switched locations so I sat at the old one for awhile calling trying to figure out why they weren't open. Well, I finally drove around and found the new location, which wasn't exactly easy to find. :) The shop was very neat looking, with wooden floors, a very large snake in a cage under the desk, and very pretty artwork by Tony on the walls.

When I arrived, Tony, the owner, was just finishing up a tattoo. I had originally called and asked if Tony could pierce my nipples himself but I don't think he understood what I was asking, which is probably my fault because I didn't explain myself very well. His piercer was not in yet but arrived very shortly after I did. He was pretty young, younger than me I think (I'm 24). That made me a tad nervous but I'm kind of picky about who does my piercing and tattooing. His name was Brock? (I think), and he seemed quite friendly. After setting up everything and setting out all the jewelry and supplies he needed, we got started. Standing in front of a complete stranger with your boobs hanging out is a bit awkward, I'll just say that. He made me feel very comfortable though, just by talking to me normally like nothing unusual was going on. He had me stand in front of him, cleaned my nipples, then took some sort of a triangle shaped thing to align the markings for the piercing corre ctly on both sides. He told me to check them out in the mirror and they looked fine, so he had me lay down on the table they use for piercing.

Once I was down on the table, he asked me if I cared which side he did first, I said I didn't so he started with the right side. He got his clamps in the correct position, which were a tad uncomfortable but certainly not that bad. Asked me to take a deep breath in, when I exhaled he pushed the needle through. I have to say the pain was absolutely terrible, it felt like something large and on fire was being slowly shoved through my skin, it hurt so bad. The only good thing is, that intense hot pain only lasts for literally about 5 seconds. This is why I wouldn't tell anyone not to have this piercing done. Even though it hurts like absolute hell, that pain is over very quickly as it is with any piercing I think. I had to take about a two minute break in between piercing, just to give myself a minute to breathe. Like I've read on this site, the other nipple actually hurt more than the first one did. I think I was so nervous by now that I had tensed up because when he pierced the left nipple, it felt like someone kicked me in the back with a steel-toed shoe! It was horrible, but again, over very quickly. After he got me all cleaned up (I bled a good bit), we settled up, and I went on my merry way. For $60 (Plus a $10 tip), I got myself two shiny 14g horizontal nipple piercing with a straight barbell in them and a bottle of H2Ocean to take care of them with. I was happy that I ended up with a bottle of H2Ocean because that's fairly uncommon to find where I live in North Carolina.

After this ordeal I would recommend this piercing even though it sounds terrible. I promise you the pain is over almost as quickly as it comes on. I had very little soreness afterwards, just a bit of dull aching. I was able to sleep fine and today I have no pain today unless I touch them accidentally. I'm going to be wearing these tank tops for a few days before I graduate to wearing a bra again, just so I can avoid too much unnecessary rubbing of the piercings. If you are looking to get this done, do it! They're pretty neat :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Brock%3F+I+think
Studio: Estelle
Location: Franklin%2C+North+Carolina

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