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You Get What You Pay For

Back when I turned 18, I was dying to get something pierced. So I chose something that I thought would be cute. I decided that I wanted to get my naval pierced. The day I went to get it done, I was really excited about getting pierced. I thought it was the cutest piercing on girls and I wanted to have it too. Well I let my excitement get the better of me, and instead of doing proper research on studios in the area, I went to a piercing place that advertised the $25 piercing and would see me instantly. I went into the shop and it was dirty and looked very cluttered. While the piercer professional, he didn't do a very good job on the piercing itself. Shortly after I had him pierce my belly button, I started having a lot of problems with the piercing. The following months I had a piercing that was extremely painful, always oozing, and got infected constantly despite my cleaning. Needless to say I got what I paid for and was regretting my decision to get such a hasty piercing.

After months of the pain, I went and had my icky belly button looked at by another piercer. He took one look at my very red belly button and he said it was as bad as it was because the guy who did my belly piercing went too deep in the tissue with the needle, which was causing the new piercing to have problems healing properly. And on top of that the jewelry he used was threaded and was tearing my skin. After all these problems I knew I would have to be more careful with who I let stick a needle through my skin. So when it came time for my next piercing I made sure to do my research. I had learned my lesson the hard way.

After about a month of online research I found PeaT at Vision Body Piercing. He worked in a clean shop and had a lot of recommendations. Plus I had a friend who had gone there for a lip piercing, and spoke highly of him and his shop. So the day I decided to get the piercing done, I called up his shop and not only was he polite to me he was also very accommodating and stayed open late so I could get there at a time the was convenient for me. So the time came for me to go get my nipples pierced and I was nervous. I walked into the studio and saw how nice and clean the studio was. Then I met PeaT and felt completely comfortable with him. He was polite and courteous and helped calm my nerves. My situation was a little bit more difficult than his average customer. I had broken my leg and was on crutches, which needless to say, made lining up the piercing on each nipple a little more difficult. With my boyfriend's help holding me up and PeaT taking some extra time to make sure the

marks were perfectly even, he had me lay down and got the needles he would use.

The first piercing wasn't as bad as I was expecting and I was able to calm my nerves on my own when it came to the second nipple. The second nipple was done, and it hurt a lot more than the first one did. But, when all was said and done, I had two piercings that I really loved and looked great. Plus my boyfriend thought they were sexy as hell. And I knew that the next time I wanted to get a piercing, I knew where I would go. Not only did Vision body piercing have a great studio, they have a great selection of body jewelry from all over the place. There were hand blown glass plugs, wooden plus, a huge assortment of steel jewelry, brass jewelry, etc., the choices were endless.  

It now has been 6 months since I have had them pierced and I must say I love the nipple piercings as much as I did the day I had them done. They have healed nicely and with no complications. So now my total of piercings is up to 7, 4 in each ear (12g), my belly button (14g), and both of my nipples (14g). And I cannot wait to go get another piercing....I am thinking of getting my tongue next. The nipples cost me $70 and it is the best seventy bucks I have spent in a very long time. I would definitely recommend Vision Body Piercing to anyone who wants a quality piercing. The shop is a little pricey, but it is well worth it. And as I stated earlier, you get what you pay for.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: PeaT
Studio: Vision+Body+Piercing
Location: Sarasota%2C+fl

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