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The worst pain I have ever known

Being a body modification enthusiast, you can guess I got hooked on piercings and any chance I got I wanted MOOOOORE.

I am good friends with quite a few piercers and I knew where to go to when I needed a 'quick fix'. So back in 06 I decided after much deliberation and research to have my piercer friends Chris and Shelly pierce my nipples. I knew the pain would be intense but I didn't think it would be as bad as it was. Just before posting this I read a few nipple piercing stories on here and I found a good number of people that said either it was a pleasureful sensation or only a minor sting..... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!!?!

I have a very high pain tolerance and have not even flinched getting pierced or having something painful done to my body. I have done heavy cartilage piercings and facial piercings without even flinching but my nipples were a different story.

I remember at first there were those butterflies you get in your stomach before a new piercing and I was so nervous about the pain thinking it would be the worst pain I would have ever experienced (Only problem was that I was RIGHT!). Shelly told me just to relax that it would be fine. So I calmed down and kept myself level.

Chris was prepping my for my piercing, using cold surgical prep soap, and marking my nipples. I told him I wanted his apprentice Shelly to do them because I trusted her with my body after she pierced my tongue. I was informed that she had only done one set of nipples and they were on a man. I didn't care, I trusted her and he had never pierced me before, so we came to a compromise, he'd do one and she'd do one.

Chris grabbed the clamps and positioned them on my left nipple, they were so cold!!! I was holding on to my partner-at-the-time's hand and doing deep breathing. As soon as I heard him say "Deep breath in" my adrenaline level went through the roof. The needle went in quickly but it sure as hell didn't feel that way. It was the most slow burning hot pain I ever experienced and I bit down on my partner's hand while trying not to scream... Their hand started to bleed. Yeah I was in that much pain.

After he got the barbell in and screwed on the ball, I was breathing heavily and Im quite sure my eyes were bloodshot from the pain. Chris being the jackass he is asked "So do you trust me now?" and I said "fuck no, I still want Shelly to do the next one".

So Shelly got scrubbed up and put on gloves and prepped my other nipple, I knew what was coming this time so I prepared myself, as best I could. Needless to say my partner didn't hold my hand for this one, they were in the corner with gauze on their thumb. Shelly put the forceps on me and they were just as cold. I readied myself as the needle went through and "fuck, shit, holy christ, ouch, fuck, fuck, FUUUUUUUCK, SHIIIT!!!!". Then in went the barbell and it was over. it wasn't unbearable after but it still hurt. I walked out of the shop without a bra with Chris and Shelly at my sides, and every time I took a step my breasts would bounce and it hurt so damn bad I actually squinted my eyes tightly with every movement. Then with my partner in tow we set of too the mall to get me some extra day bras to sleep in. BAD IDEA!!! I got into the SUV and we drove off, every small bump seemed like someone was poking my nipples with hot knives. Then we get into the mall parking lot. We fo rgot one key factor. The mall parking lot has HUGE unavoidable speed-bumps. This was turning out to be the most painful day of my life!! Plus the added walking around in the mall for an hour!

For three days I couldn't wear a bra. when I slept I had to wear a wornout, non-constricting, clean sports bra to sleep in for three weeks. Aftercare was standard, dial soap, salt soaks etc. After a month I took a good strong hard look at my nipples and realized "CHRIS YOU FUCKER!!" The right piercing was crooked! But, because I was good friends with Chris I told him he apologized whole heartedly and said he'd re-do them for me, the only thing I could muster to say was "The hell with that, I am NOT doing that again, I'll live with a crooked nipple piercing" then he proceeded to joke and say he did nothing of the sort. I had minor irritation in my right nipple but 6 months later they were totally healed and nothing could stop me!

To this day when I see Chris I always say "it is SO crooked" and we will jokingly bicker back and forth. I might have it re-done one day, but for now it's a funny conversation piece and a far stretch from my usual perfectionist ways with piercings.

If you plan on getting your nipples pierced, I do recommend it. Just prepare yourself for horrible pain!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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