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"The nips"

Something I never thought I would do is get my nipples pierced, but one day the idea popped into my head and for the next week and a half wouldn't go away. I have small boobs, for a few years I lied to myself and kept buying B-cup bras, but now I know I will always be an A-cup.

I have other piercings, my ears were first done when I was 10, went for the second hole in each when I was 12. Got my nose pierced with my moms permission when I was 16. I had wanted to get my belly button pierced for a long time but still haven't gotten the motivation to do that.

I played with the idea in my mind for about a week and a half. I finally mentioned the idea to my boyfriend who had previously said that I should get them done, but I continually shrugged him off. I could tell that I wouldn't be able to shake this idea. Being far from home and my trusted tattoo/piercing parlor, I had a little more time to research other people's experiences with nipple piercings. Based on what I saw and read I knew I would be able to handle it. At first I had in mind to just get the left one done, but after reading other people's stories I decided to get them both done at the same time.

A few days prior to heading home I called Local Underground to see how much the piercing would run, about $60. Very reasonable I thought. I called back and asked for my trusted piercing artist and was sadly informed that she no longer worked there. But luckily she was filling in a few days the next week so I made an appointment.

I was nervous on the drive over, but when I got there and Mari greeted me happily with a smile and I felt a little better. I ended up being a little late, but it was ok because she didn't have any other appointments. She gave me the release form and asked what I was getting pierced today. I nervously replied "The nips." And she enthusiastically said "Sweet". She then asked if I wanted rings or barbells. I said "Barbells?." And she said good choice she said she preferred them from her experience. She looked over the form and asked for my license, as it is the new law in Michigan to have a copy of a persons ID along with the release form. She then gave me a printed copy of aftercare instructions and said that we would talk about them too.

We headed back to the piercing room and I took a seat in the chair. She prepared the new needles and barbells. I asked what gauge it was done in and she said that it depended on the size of the nipple. She asked me to remove my shirt and bra, after taking a look at the goods she said a 16 gauge would be best, she also had to get longer barbells due to the size of my nipples. As Mari was preparing and organizing her materials she was chatting with me (I think in an attempt to calm me down) about music. She drew entry and exit points on my nipples; opened a new pair of clamps showed me the new needles in sterile packages and my freshly sterile nipple rings. She put the clamp on my left nipple and warned me that this is usually the uncomfortable part. I didn't think it was so bad. She got the needle ready and asked me to take a deep breath. I watched up until the needle was touching my nipple, I exhaled and she pushed it through. I grabbed the arm of the chair an kicked my feet. I looked down at the needle and thought, " That wasn't so bad." She pushed the needle out with the barbell and screwed on the second ball. There was a little bleeding. She moved her supplies over to the other side of my body getting ready for the right nipple. For a moment I wanted to not go trough with the second one but then I thought I would be uneven and I already like the first one so then I would probably get the second one done any way. Just then I felt something running down my back, and I realized that I was sweating like crazy. I think it was the adrenalin or something. She got ready to do the next nipple the same as the first with the clamps and again I watched until the needle was touching my nipple. This one hurt more and said something like "ow, ow, ow, shit" but then it was over. The other barbell went in and the ball went on. I sat there for a minute breathing. Mari said suggested that I get up and take a look in the mirror. So I slowly got up and took 2 ste ps to the mirror where I saw my self in nothing but blue jeans and nipple rings and decided it was pretty dam HOT. We discussed aftercare again, and I put my clothes back on. She specified no licking them for at least 8 weeks but 12 would be better and to avoid pools and baths. I decided to get a bottle of H2Ocean to carry with me during the day. I browsed the small selection of body jewelry, paid for my piercing, and gave Mari a tip.

The day after I got them done I decided to go snowboarding and although I didn't have any problems I don't recommend it.

They bleed a small about for a few days. To prevent the blood from getting on my bra, I cut panty-liners in half and stuck them to the inside of my bra cups. I haven't had the need to ice them and sometimes they sting a little at the end of a sweaty day. If you want to prevent any problems with them, tell the people that may grope you that you just got them pierced. If you want to keep it a secret it may seem embarrassing but in the long run it will be worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Mari
Studio: Local+Underground
Location: Cheboygan%2C+MI

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