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She Screamed So Loud!

I was eighteen when I joined the ranks of the pierced, beginning with a nose stud. I was immediately addicted to that rush, as well as the beautiful addition to my body, and didn't stop there. Two weeks later a tongue ring was added, both done during college. A month after that, a vertical labret, when I was home for the summer. Two months later, an industrial bar during vacation. And now, eight months since my first real piercing, I finally gathered the courage to get my nipples done.

Getting pierced was not my first experience with nipple piercings. When I got my industrial done, my best friend got her nipples done... She is a soprano singer, and the two short screams she produced seemed enough to shatter glass. I stayed at her house for the first few days of her aftercare, and watched the pain she was in; it seemed excruciating.

This, of course, left me terrified.

Still, I was interested in the idea. I religiously checked out the gallery and experiences here, and finally just decided to do it.

Let me just say, I am not the most careful person, whether for aftercare or choosing a piercer to begin with. The first two piercings were done in a very sketchy studio in West Hartford. The labret was done by a piercer who didn't even mark my lip; the industrial was only slightly better, in a tiny room that didn't inspire confidence.

I am also prescriber to the LITHA method- hands off, just leave it alone. The only piercing I religiously cleaned was my tongue; I never even used so much as saline solution on the industrial. Yet I know my body well, and I am remarkably good at healing, and handling pain; the industrial was the only piercing that did not stop hurting immediately upon insertion of the jewelry. I was hopeful that nipples would be the same.

I went to a sister shop of the same place I had my vertical labret done, and met Bryan, the piercer there. I immediately liked him; we talked and joked for a bit. I told him about my friend's experience, and he told me that my industrial would be more painful than nipples.

I could handle that.

I informed him that I wanted vertical nipples, and we chatted as he marked me. He told me to go check placement in the mirror- the first piercer to do that on his own initiative, for which he gets points. He also changed gloves several times and was willing to explain anything I asked him. He cleaned me with, I believe, alcohol and iodine, and was very thorough.

I was very very nervous, and I find that talking helps me a lot, and he was totally willing to speak to me as much as I needed, and wait as long as it took. I let him clamp me- definitely not fun, but it wasn't an unbearable or even extreme pain. I was almost shaking, breathing short and quick, but told him to go.

Now I have read experiences where some people can feel the different pain from the needle entering the piercing versus the middle flesh versus leaving, etc... My nerves are not that good. I just know it hurts. As the needle went through, it was like an extreme burst of pressure and pain, very sharp, but died down almost immediately. I asked him to let me breathe for a second, as I get dizzy sometimes, and he corked the needle and let me lay back.

He explained that if he left the needle in for long, it would hurt worse, so I let him put the jewelry in. That was interesting to me- most people say that the jewelry insertion hurts the worst, but I have never been able to feel it. This time was different; it was more a sharp ache.

As I breathed, we talked some more, and he waited until I was ready. He then clamped my other nipple and inserted the needle.

Some people say that one or the other hurts worse; I did not find that to be so. I think they hurt equally bad, that same sharp pain. The second made me even more dizzy, so I laid back and let him change the jewelry as we talked. All done.

And they didn't hurt anymore.

As soon as the jewelry was in, it was like nothing had happened, really. I was scared to put on my bra and shirt, but lo and behold, no pain.

The ride home was interesting, as I could feel every jolt in the road, but it wasn't really pain, per se... It was like when something is very cold, pressed against your skin, so it almost feels hot, but in a place that is usually impossible.

I went home and slept, finding that laying on my side did not cause me pain. When I woke up, I rolled only my stomach without thinking, but found that as long as I did not press my full weight against the piercings, they did not hurt. Quite the opposite... my body responded in quite a good way.

Over the next 24 hours I monitored the piercings, how they felt. They don't hurt, even when touched lightly- banging them, though, produces a feel of pain/pleasure- and have not been crusting over at all. In fact, the only painful thing, I have found, is that my skin aches where he cleaned with the iodine.

Bryan's work, manner, and technique were excellent. The barbells look amazing, are placed perfectly and have been no trouble. His aftercare instructions were Dial soap, and don't touch for two weeks... We'll see how it goes. My nipples are already very sensitive in a good way, and I know that my girlfriend and I cannot wait to see how the piercings feel later, when healed.

For everyone looking to get a piercing, I say remember that it's your body, and the way everyone handles pain is different. What one finds excruciating another might not find hurts. Regardless, pain will go away, leaving you with beautiful piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Bryan
Studio: 717+Tattoo
Location: Pennsylvania

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