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Rash Decisions Regarding Nipples

Since I was a child I've always thought of myself as a walking canvas. My hands are always covered in ink or paint and I'm always writing on my arms and legs. Starting last October I'd been getting tattoos on a regular basis. After the first few however, I wanted to try a few piercings as well. I'd gone through the more common piercings (ears, nose, lip) but wasn't satisfied. I suppose this is where I should include that I'm a rather reward oriented person and once I get an idea in my head there is no getting rid of it. I like to see results. This is the major defining factor for why I chose to get my nipple pierced.

I didn't have much to do last night so I was sitting around drawing out a quarter sleeve I plan to start next month. The idea to get a new piercing flooded my mind so I immediately called a close friend and asked if she'd like to go with me to the studio. I didn't initially tell her why we were going, so she assumed I was getting another tattoo. When we arrived however, the piercing artist at the studio greeted me. My friend was already confused. I told Toochi what I wanted and my friend looked flabbergasted. I'd never mentioned a nipple piercing to any of my friends before that night, so needless to say, she was quite surprised. Once I had filled out all the paperwork and chose the jewelry (an internally threaded barbell) we headed to Toochi's piercing room.

I wasn't very sure how to conduct myself owing to the fact that I was very nervous. I think I was more excited, but the thought of needles near my nipples wasn't very comforting. I did my best to relax and Toochi walked me through the steps of the procedure noting care instructions and the pros and cons associated with the piercing. He said it was likely I'd have increased sensitivity in the pierced nipple which sounded pretty exciting to me. He had me stand so he could mark me up. There is a full wall mirror opposite the table so I got to watch the whole thing without craning awkwardly to look down. After he finished with the measuring and marking, it was officially show time. I was unusually calm at this point; I actually surprised myself with my level of composure. I'd read up quickly before I left for the studio and I was looking forward to the result so I was ready.

Luckily, or unluckily, it was over as soon as it had begun. The needle was through and the jewelry was in almost before I could wince. I enjoy painful sensations, so I was hoping it would have been a little more intense. Don't get me wrong though, it wasn't comfortable. A needle passed through my nipple. Just the sound of that would send some people into shivers. I however was ready for a lot more pain and discomfort than I experienced. Either way I was satisfied.

When I finally got to stand and look closely at my new shiny nipple I was ecstatic. I'd never pictured myself with a nipple piercing so I was surprised and impressed with myself. I was having a hard time picturing it on the way to the studio so I was very happy to finally see it.

Toochi headed back out to the front and I stood and gawked a little while longer. I was very satisfied I had decided to only do one nipple; it looked so sophisticated to me, like I had alluring, extreme secrets. After I was able to calm down my mammoth smile, I headed upfront.

Toochi was smiling at me with the same huge smile I had on my own face. He knew the feeling of having fresh mods to be proud of. My friend had decided to get an industrial piercing while I was in the back, so I sat to wait for her to finish.

Those twenty minutes was the hardest because I couldn't wait to get home and check myself out again. I was stunned by my comfort level, confidence, and composure about the entire situation. It may not seem like a big deal to most, but for me it had been the most daring mod to date.

It's been almost 24 hours since I had the piercing done and my chest looks awesome. There is no inflammation, it's not red or irritated, and the only discomfort I experienced was when my husky jumped up into my lap and knocked me around a little.

I'm excited to have this little secret; it makes me smile without noticing so I've already been asked "Why are you so happy?".

Overall, I recommend this piercing to anyone considering it. The pain was minimal, the care isn't terrible, and it looks fabulous. Don't doubt your idea.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Toochi
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Location: Pennsylvania

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