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On a scale of one to I'm going to kill myself..

Hi, my name is Kate, and much like most of you reading this, I have an affinity towards piercings and tattoos. However, my extremely conservative parents don't allow me much leeway. I have three tattoos, one on my back, one on my ribcage, and one on my chest (that they do not know about), which quickly became my favorite. And it can easily be said that my love for my little blue star sparked my immediate need for nipple piercings.

Like any normal girl I have my ears and navel pierced (with soon to be two anchors underneath) and used to have my eyebrow ring that I took out a few months ago. So needless to say it's time for a new body modification, (even though my most recent piercing was a week before Halloween and I got two tattoos touched up just a week or two before.)

I am originally being from Rhode Island and going to school in Connecticut decided to scope out the closest tattoo parlor, which ended up being full of great artists, and amazing piercer, a clean environment, and genuinely nice guys. Now, Miguel (the piercer) is only there Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday out of the week, and as I needed to do this asap because I am going home for break in three days I wanted as much healing time as possible, so this past Tuesday, (12/9/08) I paid a few of my favorite guys a visit.

After filling out the paperwork, signing and initialing a few times, I went out for my third cigarette of the trip to chill a few more nerves. One of the tattoo artists and the guy who works at the front desk came out to join me and help me relax about the situation (like I said, they're all nice guys). My main concern that they assured me on was that I would be eliminating a whole dating pool. I mean, my first tattoo which was a paw print on my mid back sparked my extremely preppy then boyfriend to break up with me.

So after sitting and waiting for at least two hours (One nipple piercing, a nose, and a lip ring) Miguel came out and said I was next. Now, Miguel has already pierced mine and my friend's navel, my best friend's nose, and my roommate's eyebrow, I knew him pretty well. He told me he was all set to go whenever I was ready so I sat down in what seemed like the coldest metal chair ever and removed my shirt and bra.

Two sets of markings later, I liked the positioning and sat down and braced myself. Miguel told me to be careful not to kick him in the balls when he pierced it and that got a good laugh out of me. I responded with an "I will try my best." I as finally ready, and next thing I knew, I had a needle through my right nipple. Literally one of the worst pains I have felt in my entire life. Although I think the swap from needle to jewelry hurt worse.

I needed a few minute break before the left one to calm down a bit. I did not cry. My eyes did not water even, but I did get extremely hot and very dizzy as well. One of my friends ran to get me water from the front as well as a jolly rancher, and in the meantime, Miguel had me tilt my head back and poured a pixy stick in my mouth, After a fan being pointed on me for all of a minute, I was all set and ready to go for piercing number five. (Also, I was not about to wimp out, when everyone knew I was getting both of them done.)

As far as my left nipple went, it caused a bit more trouble in the piercing itself, for some reason it took what can only be described as three 'jabs' although saying this makes it sound as is Miguel is not skilled. He definitely is. Though after that needle ordeal the jewelry went in without a problem.

I sat down for a minute or two, listened to him tell me how to care for it, a spiel I have heard many times before, and walked out to take a bus back to campus. Keep in mind at the bus stop I was pacing and chain smoking, basically as much as possible.

It definitely hurt, a lot, I won't lie about that. I was even quotes as having said "On a scale of one to I'm going to kill myself I'm at a constant seven." But even now, a day and a half later, with a lot less pain, it could not have been more worth it. The next hour or two were the worst, but after eating and taking a heinous amount Tylenol, I was fine. I now love my barbells more than I thought possible, and can't wait for them to fully heal.

All in all, there is no doubt in my mind as to if it was worth it or not. If you're on the fence about it? Do it, I promise you you'll love it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Miguel+Angel+Lopez+Jr.++A.K.A.+Sin
Studio: Body+Language+Tattoo%26Piercing+Parlor
Location: Storrs%2C+Connecticut

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