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Nipples Pierced in New Paltz

About two weeks after starting my freshmen year in college, I decided to get my nipples pierced. I had wanted it for a few years but never really thought I would actually go through with it.

September 18th I walked into town with my roommate with the intention of getting one (I was convinced I only wanted one) nipple pierced. I walked in the doors, said HI to the guy at the front desk. I was too nervous to talk to the guy behind the desk; my nerves had finally set in. There were a lot of pictures of nipples piercings and they all looked like that had been done well, so I asked the guy how much it costs for one. He told me it would be $50 for one with cleaning spray. After talking with the guy for a little while I told him I would come back after running to the bank. I took out $100 and headed toward the shop. Instead of walking in, I walked right past and ran into the nearby coffee shop. My heart was pounding. My nerves had realllyyy set in. My roommate tried to calm me down and after a coffee we went back inside.

I asked the front desk guy what he thought about the piercing and he said that he thought it was alright, but his wife had one and he thought it looked kind of stupid. I brushed that off and told him I wanted to do it. He called over the piercer (who was really hot, I totally lucked out). He told me that if I only got one pierced I would never go through with the other one. Ughhhhhh I was so confused! But I decided I would just go through with both.

He took me the a little room where be told me to sit down on the bench. He showed me that everything was sterile and opened everything out of a new package. I took off my shirt and stood up so he could mark me. Honestly, it wasn't even awkward. The piercer was AMAZING. He made me feel very

comfortable (which was surprising because I'm very self-conscious without a shirt on).

After having to stick out my chest in funny ways and get marked a few times he said I was ready. He cleaned off my left nipple first and clamped it. It was realllyyy cold and kind of tight, but definitely bearable. He warned me that it would be "intense" but not painful and poked the needle right

through. It didn't hurt at all.

Next came the right, which he told me I feel this one much more. Yea...he was right. Holy crap. This one hurt a little bit but the pain went away within ten seconds.

After he slipped in the jewelry. He used steel rings with a capture bead that were 14 gauge. Thank god I had taken out 100 cause with tip and cleaning solution it was 100 exactly. My piercer was great and told me how to take care of it and to come back if I wanted them changed or if there was a problem. After about ten weeks I bought bars. I prefer them over the bars they don't get caught in my bra and the bars look so much better. And it makes getting your nipple licked even more intense than before.

Seriously, this was the best idea ever. Healing wasn't terrible at all, just a little annoying. I ended up carrying around the spray in my bag and setting alarms on my phone. I suggest getting both at the same time. I'm happy I did because I would never go back to get the other one done.

The feeling is DEFINATELY intensified when they're touched or licked or anything but sometimes can be a little uncomfortable when the skin is pinches the ring. Even though it isn't supposed to be touched for a few weeks they were definitely touched any way. The first night I couldn't believe how it felt when they were licked or sucked. Holy crap.

I really suggest bringing a friend with you. My roommate saved my life. You're really going to need someone to talk you into to it and be there for moral support...and to buy you coffee when you're about to chicken out. I love showing them off to my friends and telling about my story.

It's been an awesome story to tell and a great way to kick off my freshmen year in college. Almost every time I'm drunk I end up showing them off in the bathroom of the bar or randomly to my friends. I didn't realize how many people actually had it done until after I got mine. I meet people everywhere who have gotten it done.

And to any girls who aren't sure if they want it- GUYS LOVE IT. My boyfriend goes straight to my chest any time we're hooking up. He loves when I change them and loves how they look. They're such a turn on!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Chris
Studio: Art+in+Soul+III
Location: New+Paltz%2C+NY

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