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Nipple piercing redux

In July, I wrote "what a fun piercing," a cautionary tale about proper care of pierced nipples. I ended up removing the rings in June, and by September, I was really missing them. I had been talking to friends about local piercing shops – I had just moved to OKC in November, and wasn't too familiar with who was good and who wasn't – and several suggested 23rd St. Body Piercing. I looked them up, and as it turned out, they are the only shop in the entire state of Oklahoma listed with the APP. I had some extra cash and some free time after class, so I decided to get them repierced.

I drove down to the shop, which was surprisingly easy to find considering I don't know how to navigate much of this city yet, and walked in. The girl at the counter was pleasant and I explained that I wanted to get my nipples pierced – vertically. My last experience had been horizontal, and I was worried about scar tissue, the fact that one had rejected, and the fact that the other had been pierced off-kilter. I'm sure those of you reading this experience have read many others detailing identification, cleanliness, sterilization and the actual procedure, so I will stick with some of the more interesting aspects of this experience. Suffice it to say, I was very, very impressed with the shop's professionalism.

I ended up getting Henry – I guess the female piercer was out of town that particular day. I'm fairly shy about my body, but I figured I was already there so I may as well bite the bullet. Besides, it wasn't the first time a stranger had seen my boobs up close, anyway. I felt kind of bad for the piercer, because I'm a chubby girl, but he didn't say or do anything strange, which was comforting. We joked around a little about a previous piercing experience I'd had (my lip) that was a textbook "What Not to Do in a Professional Body Piercing Shop" experience.

This time I was very careful to double check the alignment of my piercings. I got Henry to adjust one a little bit – they are now technically a very slight diagonal, but its an optical illusion trick that actually makes them appear more straight. The finished results look excellent, and even. I was pierced with a 12 gauge needle this time, and though it seemed huge, after my experience with 14 gauge jewelry, I would definitely not recommend anything smaller than 12.

I will say that the second time definitely hurt a lot more than the first. In fact, it is the most painful piercing procedure I've ever had. Since this experience, I've gone on to get a VCH, which also hurt, but paled in comparison to repiercing my nipples, especially my left one, which we did second (OUCH!), through rejection scar tissue. This is also the first piercing I've had that has bled. It still didn't hurt enough for me to make any noise or wiggle – that will come in a later experience story – but even three months later I can recall the intense pain. It was over quickly though. For the rest of the day, my nipples were a little more tender than the first time, but nothing too bad. I had to drive about 40 minutes to get back to my afternoon classes, but overall the day was uneventful.

My left nipple has proven a little more difficult to heal than the right. (The left is the one that was rejecting when I removed the jewelry.) Its been three months, almost to the day, and my right nipple is almost healed. It still forms a small amount of crusties, but these are barely noticeable, unless of course you accidentally bump it and force the crusties in the piercing – ouch! My left nipple probably has at least a month left. I still haven't downsized my jewelry yet, but I will probably switch to titanium in about a month, depending on how my left is doing.

So what did I do differently this time? Well, for the most part, I kept my hands off my piercings. I'm a fidgety person, so I won't say I was perfect, but I sure didn't want to lose these for good. I actually soaked this round less than the last round, really only sporadically, when they were acting up. So far, I'm pleased with the results. I also made my boyfriend keep his hands off. Seriously. That part sucked and it annoys him, but I'd really like to keep these piercings, and I think sacrificing a little fun now will yield a lot more fun later. I think he only messed with the right one once, and I made him stop. Yes it does suck, yes you really have to do it, and yes it is worth it, believe me. Rejecting nipple piercings are way less fun than taking a three or four month hiatus from playing with them.

As I said in my last post, I wholeheartedly recommend this piercing. The aesthetic value is awesome, and if you're like me and like to have your nipples played with, they can be a lot of fun. Just care for them now and you will have a lot of fun in the long term.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Henry
Studio: 23rd+St.+Body+Piercing
Location: OKC%2C+OK

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