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My Secret Addition

One day about six months before my experience, my cousin showed up at my house. She excitedly ran into my room, lifted up her shirt and showed me her freshly pierced nipples (also lifting up her boyfriend's shirt and showing his as well). As soon as I saw them, I fell in love. All my friends at home thought I was crazy but I had to have my nipples pierced!

Fast forward about six months and I'm on vacation visiting my friend Sara in Berkeley, California. One day, while walking down Telegraph Street with Sara and her sister I noticed a variety of tattoo/piercing parlors and I mentioned to them that I have been considering getting my nipples pierced. Sara screamed and told me she too wanted hers! So we set off back to her apartment to research reviews of the different places and also to read experiences from BME users (not to mention call my cousin).

After reading endless reviews on yahoo and other places, and countless experiences on BMEzine, the next day we had it narrowed down to two parlors: Zebra and Telegraph Tattoo. I myself liked Telegraph the best for it's fantastic atmosphere and extremely nice and knowledgeable staff that the reviews raved about.

We set out for Telegraph around 6 that evening. We walked in, and waited while Freddy, the piercer whom I had specifically read about on the many reviews of Telegraph Tattoo, as he helped a lady pick out some jewelry. When he was finished I walked up to the counter and asked him about getting my nipple pierced, how much it would cost for one and how much it would cost for both, and if I could do it that day.

I only had $50 on me at the time, which just happened to be enough for the piercing and the jewelry, so I decided to go for it.

I filled out the forms, he took photocopies of my ID and told me to wait on the couch while he set up the room. I was so nervous I could barely act normal. My hands were shaking as I sat on the couch and looked through the tattoo portfolios. Sara had come with me to watch the procedure before she got hers done the next day so she could decide between Telegraph and Zebra.

After about 20-30 minutes, Freddy came back and led me to the back. (He had to help the lady put in the jewelry she picked out and then she had to pay, in addition to him setting up my room)

He showed me the single-use tools, explained that everything was autoclaved, and asked me which nipple I wanted to get pierced. I said I wanted the left one, and proceeded to remove my shirt and bra.

He started with me sitting. He cleaned the area and then poked it a bit with the tooth pick to make it hard. Then, using the usual purple ink stuff, he made the marks, and showed me, then got me to stand up and made sure the marks were straight that way too. I gave him the thumbs up, and we were off.

He had me lay down on the dentist-like chair with my left arm above my head. Then Freddy proceeded to clamp my nipple. This HURT. It was very tight and he twisted it around to make sure my nipple was hard, and that the dots were lined up properly I guess.

At this point I was extremely nervous because I thought if the clamp hurt that much, the needle must hurt WAY more. Freddy readied the needle and told me to exhale on three. One. Two. Ouch.

The needle went through. It was not nearly as bad as I had expected and the pain lasted so quickly. The clamp was much more uncomfortable than the actual piercing.

Freddy put the barbell through, wiped the tiny bit of blood, and I was set.

I LOVE it.

The first month or two I didn't wear a bra at all, just undershirts and loose fitting sports bras. Now it's been almost six months, and I have changed it to a smaller bar because I thought the one I had was just too short. It was a personal preference thing.

I have had no trouble with it whatsoever, and I love it. So does my boyfriend. ;]

I clean it once or twice a day with regular orange antibacterial soap and a Q-tip.

I can also wear bras now, but I've gotten so used to just not wearing them, I generally just don't. (Makes showing off this baby a whole lot easier too ^_^)

I would recommend this piercing to anyone. It has given me confidence and makes me feel beautiful. I love it and I can't wait to get a matching one on my right side!

This was a wonderful experience I will never forget and NEVER regret


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Location: Berkeley%2C+California

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