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my birthday piercings

   I didn't start seriously considering getting my nipples pierced until a couple of weeks before my eighteenth birthday.  I knew where I would go, and that I definitely wanted something new for my birthday, just had to decide what.  I also thought that since it would be my eighteenth birthday I might as well get something that I had to be eighteen to acquire.  All that really left was one or both of my nipples, or something in the genital region.  I do want to try out at least one genital piercing in the future but I was definitely not ready to go out and get one done that soon.  So I settled on getting both of my nipples.  I probably would have only gone for one, as I thought that healing one at at time might be easier but I wanted to be symmetrical.  I was also afraid that if I got one I would end up not going back for the other one once I really knew how much it hurt.  Well that's not completely true, I was pretty sure I would go back for the other but it would have t

aken months to forget about the pain of the first one and actually be able to go back.

So it was decided that I would get both done sometime on my birthday.  I assumed I would be getting them done horizontal because I had never seen vertical nipple piercings and hadn't even thought about it but then I saw a photo of a pair of really nice vertical ones and decided right then that that was how mine would be done.  It also might have had something to do with the fact that whoever was in the photo had great breasts but I did really like the vertical placement better.  As soon as I decided most everything I called up Larry at The Missing Piece to see how much they would cost me and to make sure that he would be in on my birthday.  He assured me that he would be there, and also said that he would do both for $60.  I guess less people had been going in to get pierced and he was getting bored so his prices had started to reflect that.  At this point, it was only three days before my birthday and I was ridiculously excited :]

Then there was a bit of a kink in my plan.  I had to quit my job.  So now I had the problem of trying to save any money I had and not spending any that I might receive for my birthday.  I was sure that my new piercings would have to wait, and it was devastating.  But luckily, my best friend and ex-boyfriend were willing to pay for half each so I could still get it done and I was magically back to being ridiculously excited and a little scared!

Then the day finally came.  After a surprise party assembled by my amazing friends, they immediately wanted to go get me stuck.  It was around noon when they started saying we should leave, but the closer it got the more nervous I was.  So as excited as I was, I put it off all day.  I had no idea how I would react to it as they would only be my second and third done professionally, and the first that weren't on or near my face.  I was also worried because I had been feeling ill the night before and I know it's not a good idea to get stuck while you're sick, but I did feel better in the morning so I thought it would be okay.  We finally headed down there around four and I was shaking I was so nervous.  It definitely did not help that we had to wait for almost an hour when we got there because Larry was working on someone else, and then when it was my turn a guy came in to show him how his branding piece was healing.  It was a pretty rad piece but all the waiting was getting t

o me, and I was more nervous with every second that passed. When he was done with everyone else, Larry gave me the paperwork to fill out and the process began. Me and Kevin, the ex, went back to the piercing room and there was no going back. Not that anyone would have stopped me if I changed my mind, but there was no way I would have allowed myself to turn back. It took a good twenty minutes to get all marked up (it didn't help that I was still shaking) and then he had me lie down. I was a little worried he would have me sit up for the procedure because when Kevin had one of his done the chick made him do it sitting up, so that was one less thing to worry about. I also didn't have to worry about my safety, Larry is an amazing piercer and he autoclaves everything, uses single use needles, an anti-microbial on the site of the piercings, and is also very friendly. I was actually less nervous at this point because he made me feel more at ease. Then he positioned the firs t clamp, and I was disappointed. When I had my septum pierced all I felt was the clamp, the needle didn't hurt at all. I had a feeling this time would be different because the clamp didn't hurt at all. Then the needle went through and I thought I was going to break Kevin's hand, it hurt like a bitch. Putting the barbell in was a breeze (he put it on the back of the needle so it just slid right in) but putting the end on hurt. I didn't feel faint at all or anything like that though, I just couldn't look when the needle went through. After the first one was done, Larry realized his marks were a little off. I thought they were perfect before he started, and so did everyone else in the room so it was a very slight difference but I'm definitely glad he noticed it. The problem with that was then I had to stand up again to get re-marked before the second one. I was already not looking forward to it because of how painful the first one had been and waiting more didn't help . He was pretty quick though so it was only a few minutes before we were ready for the second one. Same process, except this time hurt worse because I was anticipating what it would feel like. Another thing I really like about Larry though is that he doesn't count down, or tell me when he's going to stick me at all. If he did ask if I was ready or anything like that it would take a lot longer, I'm not sure how long it would take for me to say I'm ready to have that freaking huge needle shoved through my bits. The worst of it was over though, it was done and I loved them!! Putting a bra on hurt pretty bad too but my friend Shayna had also gotten me a nice tank top that zipped all the way down the front so that I didn't have to worry about bumping them trying to get it on, just zipped into it. The rest of the night was painful. Going out into the cold hurt, putting on a seat belt hurt, laughing hurt (I never noticed how much it made everything jiggle before that night) , and driving home from Kevin's house four hours later hurt. I absolutely loved them though, and still do so it's all good.

As far as aftercare goes, I clean them with a saline solution (isotonic, buffered saline – a contact solution) after I shower and other than that leave them alone.  So far it's working beautifully, the only problem I had was after I had oral surgery within that first week and got an infection in my mouth from it.  It made all of my piercings a little screwy until the antibiotics kicked it and since then everything has been problem free.  Another advantage I have discovered to getting them placed vertically is that it's not painful when they get bumped around at all.  I could even sleep on my side the first night without any pain, since squishing my boobs sideways doesn't put any pressure on the ends of the barbell.  Overall, it's been a good experience for me and I still love them just as much as I did right after I got them.  As they heal, I have also started noticing how much more sensitive they are :]. As long as a reputable, professional piercer is involved I would defin

itely recommend it to anyone considering getting their nipples pierced!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Larry
Studio: The+Missing+Piece
Location: Spokane

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