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An older woman's nipple piercing experience

It took me awhile to get up the nerve, but after doing a lot of research and calling around to various studios, I picked Topnotch Tattoo in Elgin, IL. The reason I picked them was because they were the only studio I spoke with that routinely uses titanium barbells (and I called at least 6 other studios around the area). I have a severe nickel allergy and since even medical grade stainless steel contains some nickel, and I didn't want to chance it. The majority of the piercers I spoke with gave me the "I use medical grade stainless and it never causes a problem", and would not really listen to me when I told them that yes, it can cause problems even though it's rare. Eventually I had narrowed it down to two studios: Topnotch and Area51 in Crystal Lake, IL. When I had spoken to Desirea at Area51, she had listened to me and told me that due to my allergy she would use Titanium or Niobium, but unfortunately she didn't have any in stock. She also preferred CBRs, and I really want ed barbells. Having gotten the nerve up, I wanted to run with it so when I called Topnotch and they told me they only use Titanium barbells and had a bunch in stock, that made my decision for me. So off I went.

The shop is nice and clean, and my piercer was Chux. He's been piercing for 7 years and I could tell he keeps up on the most current piercing info. I felt really comfortable with him and I had the impression that he really knows his stuff. Also, I'm older than the "usual" studio patron, but I really didn't feel totally out of place when I walked in.

After reading up, I felt that I wanted to get 12g barbells to lessen the chance of migration and rejection. Before I could even mention it, Chux asked me what gauge I wanted, and suggested 12g for the reasons I wanted them for in the first place. That made me happy :) Then he measured my nipples with a nice caliper (a precise metal one, not a cheapy plastic one) and told me I needed 5/8" bars to account for swelling, but eventually I would need to get smaller ones (he suggested 9/16") once things had healed up. He got everything ready and sterilized, and then called me back into the piercing room. He then put on gloves (non-latex!) and started opening all the sterile packs of needles, barbells, etc.. My first piercing of the night was actually a helix, and he used an 18g for that. He suggested I do that one first to "warm up" and I am glad he did. The stinging from that one probably took the edge off the nipple piercing.

Chux does his piercing free hand, so after he'd cleaned my nips with some antiseptic and then dotted them where he was going to place the piercing, I laid down on the table and he got ready. My right nipple was first, and I could feel him start to press the needle in and he told me to take a deep breath. I did, and he pushed it through. I won't lie to you, it hurt. It really hurt. I think I hissed in a strangled breath, but it was over fast, like in 2 seconds, and then it was just a stinging sensation. He used internally threaded barbells (another must for me) so I didn't even really feel much when he pulled those through, either. Then it was on to the left side. Again, I could feel hin start to press the needle in but he didn't tell me to take a breath this time, he just pushed it through. Again, it hurt for about 2 seconds and was done. The pain is pretty intense but it really is over quickly. Chux said my nipples were easy to pierce, though, the needle went through easil y. Some people have tougher skin and it's not so easy, and I imagine it would hurt more.

Once the barbells were in, I sat up and looked at them in the mirror, admiring the new piercings. Then I got up and very gingerly put my bra back on and then my shirt. My boobs were starting to burn and sting at that point, and for the rest of the night they were pretty achey. It's a dull achiness, nothing unbearable, but still. When I'd accidently bump into them, it really wasn't pleasant.

It's been 24 hours since I had them done, and they're still somewhat achey, but much less than yesterday. I have been doing warm saline soaks and those are really wonderful. So far the piercings look very good and I am very happy with them. Also, even though some people say not to wear a bra (if you are small breasted like I am) I am wearing a sports bra and I highly recommend one.

So, that was it. I obviously have months to go until they heal, but the initial experience wasn't too bad and I am very happy that I found the nerve to do it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Chux
Studio: Topnotch+Tattoo
Location: Elgin%2C+IL

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