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Notorious Nipples

The best way to explain this is from the beginning work my way through the middle and finish off strong at the end.

So here I go:

I have Small boobs. It's kind of a cosmic joke on how small they are because I use to make fun of my middle sister for being flat in the chest while growing up and now she has a whooping 36 DD. (Thanks for stealing the all the good genes sis)...but this story isn't about my sister or her boobs but my nipples.

So onward ho:I am a full A cup.

Due to the lack of even the faintest bleep in the breast radar i found myself to be extremely self conscious over my chest. I would find myself keeping my shirt or bra on during sex or turning off the lights. I would even face away from myself in the dressing rooms...i hated my tits to put it simply but never want to get breast implants solely cause that isn't my style. So i figured i could get my nips done to add a little ego boost and to make my boobs stand at attention in which they look their best. My logic has yet to fail me.

The night that i decided to get my nips pierced was wonderful. I was talking with my friend and piercer Steve Bell and his best friend & very talented artist, Eric Martinez.

Now allow me to make a side note on both of my aforementioned friends. In my opinion i think both are extremely good looking...Hell it's safe to say that they are both supa-dupa fine. "Why mention this?" you may ask. I mention this because I believe that when one is in the state of laying down , topless in front of two guys all while one is preparing to drive two needles through your nipples, it's a good thing to have some sort of eye candy distraction. Thank your parent's boys ;)

I brought up the idea of getting my nips done to Steve and he was more than happy to oblige. He asked me to give him a second to set up. In the mean time i was fighting with my internal pessimist to take off my shirt. As I took a deep breath before I got in the bare I took that time tell the guys that seeing my mosquito bitten chest was a rarity unto itself. Then I just snapped off the bra and Eric got to work as my nipple fluffer. Eric started to lightly pinch my nipples while I was still standing up and circling around my breast for more stimulation. It worked.

Steve-O was ready for me and told me to lay down on the piercing station. So I did what I was told and laid down. My nipples weren't as hard when I layed down as they were when I was standing but Eric kept up by providing a steady flow of stimulation to my nipples breast and stomach. I felt the clamp and put my hand behind Eric's neck and started breathing deeply and focusing only on Eric and his hand that was still continually swirling and stroking my stomach. I kept breathing and Steve-o counted down while I just focused on Eric and his hand...his really neatly tattooed hand...on my nipples..and then,Boom! The first nipple was pierced. Barely felt it. Not the jewelry exchange, not the initial pinch. All I remember was moaning because my body felt so warm & good. I was doing dirty things in my mind and the needle was a physical penetration. I think I enjoyed it a bit too much, but in retrospect I prefer mentally screwing my friends and getting to keep neat jewelry vs. losin g them in the huge vortex and black hole of "fuck buddies".

Personal notes aside the second nipple was the piercing that I feared the most. The word around the block is that the second nipple that gets pierced is the more painful of the two. Thankfully due to a good fluffer and amazing piercer that was not the case. I expelled only moans of delight as the second piercing was performed. The exchange from needle to jewelry was undetected and I was a more then satisfied customer.

Soon after I got my nipples pierced I started walking around my apartment topless and ceased being overly self conscious. . I'm not saying I don't practice self-respect and reservation but now I can enjoy my boobs for what they are, not criticize them for what they are not. That alone is worth millions to me. The experience alone was great and I highly recommend Steve-O at the Rings Of Fire in downtown San Antonio location. He's Good,clean,fun & memorable. I couldn't ask for more. I also highly recommend Eric Martinez as the best nipple fluffer in town.

As for my nipples and their well being?

They healed perfectly and they have no complaints thus far :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Steve-o+Bell
Studio: rings+of+fire
Location: Downtown+San+Antonio+texas

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