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my nipple piercing.

One morning I woke up, and had a thought. "I want to get something pierced".

I already had had my nose done prior, which I had taken out, and wanted something a little more private. I'm not one for facial or surface piercing (except for a cute nose stud), so I got thinking. I knew all along what I wanted but couldn't quite bring myself to make the decision; I'm not exactly a girl who you'd guess to want/have her nipple pierced. After a little research (on BME most notably), and sussing a few pictures of cute girls with bars in their nipples, I really wanted it done. Badly. When I had finally had made my decision, a friend let me know that if I were to get it done at Diabolik, I could get my nose re-pierced as well, both for $80. Off we went.

When we arrived, my friend ran into a friend and started chatting, while I sat across from an angry looking biker, all of which made me that little extra nervous. The store was really clean and well presented, had some good music playing and some interesting trinkets around. The staff all looked well presented and were really helpful, (as I'm sure they could tell I was about to throw up). The guy who was going to do it for me, (Matt), came out and was lovely, took me out back and sat me down. Have to say, it was a little awkward as I was about to get my boob out for this guy in front of his girlfriend. Also, nobody told me I didn't have to take my entire shirt off, just lift it, so eventually I had both boobs out, nice.

Matt decided since I have little nipples to go for a bar, which I was happy with, rings are a little too edgy for me, and I think I'd get them caught on EVERYTHING, especially as I do already with this bar. He applied the clamp (cold/little painful) and drew on the dots. Was feeling pretty good, (not really, but I tried to not swear... or say much at all), and then in went the needle. In the middle, there is a 'crunchy' bit, or so it seemed, which made me cringe a little, but the procedure went through pretty quickly, and I was really happy with the results. I didn't really watch him do it, I don't think I could have, but what I did see looked very professional, and he seemed really well versed in nipple play. Strangely enough I got my nose done straight after, and that hurt about 100 times more, or maybe it just seemed it, I also swore at him that time. Nice. I quickly apologised.

Putting my bra back on over it was a little awkward, it had been covered up, but still there is the fear or banging it, so I would recommend wearing a soft cotton bra, not a push up bra (like I did), as it was a little uncomfortable afterwards. I got up out of the leather chair, which I had made nice and sweaty (horrified), paid and left. Matt was nice, as were all of the staff. I am extremely glad I got it done, and to this day love it. Just last week I ran into a wall and knocked it, have to say, it felt great.

Getting this done meant not only could I have it, be proud that I did it and enjoy it, but it means that only those who you CHOSE to tell know aka if you didn't want a parent to know, it's discreet and unless you show them/ wear a tight shirt and no bra, it's your little secret. Having it has given me a knew love for BOTH my boobs, and even make the seem slightly bigger (?), although afterwards I did grow a little anyway. I have a new confidence, and especially things such as coldwater and hot showers have a new meaning... they feeeeeeel good.

A few tips:

*AFTER I got it done, I was told you can put a numbing patch on prior, might be handy for those with low pain thresholds

*have someone to hold your hand

*wear a button up shirt when getting it done, I didn't and well it knocked my nipple around a little getting the t-shirt back on

*when wearing a bra afterwards, cover it up with that meshy stuff and stick over, so it doesn't rub on the bra

*wash with sea salt and warm water (saline solution) for 2 weeks after, and turn the bar so it goes right through

*if it does get infected, through ripping it, (I did with a loofah, ouch), back to sea salting and turning, even going straight into the ocean helps.

I highly recommend it, it's private, and I doubt you'll get any complaints... Well except maybe for parents.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Matt
Studio: Diabolik
Location: Newcastle%2C+NSW

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