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My first piercing

I have been thinking of getting a piercing for about two years now. But the only thing holding me back was where to get it.

I decided on my nipples. I talked to a friend about where she goes to get tattoos and ear piercing. She told me that the girl that does it was great and clean. I went to her house to visit, while sitting in her basement I decided that it was time to get pierced and called the tattoo and piercing studio Visible Ink. She said to come in around seven pm that night.

Five of my friends all got into the car and pulled into the studio around seven. Six girls all went into the studio, one girl carrying a camera. She was told that no pictures were allowed while doing the piercing, thank God. She had me sign a release form and asked where I wanted to get pierced. I told her I wanted a horizontal nipple piercing. I then paid her while she made a photocopy of my driver's license.

The woman who was doing my piercing, Dawn, made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She told me I could have one person go in with me so I selected my friend Aunyx. She led us back to a small room with a chair, similar to a dentist's, and told me to sit down.

She asked what gauge I wanted. I didn't really know so I told her the smallest one to start with. My friend said that was a good idea. Then Dawn said that I should go with a barbell since they heal faster than the hoops do. She had me pull down my shirt and she marked my nipple with a marker. Amazingly I felt very relaxed and calm while she was doing this. She explained what she was going to do and told me to pull my shirt back up. While she was preparing the instruments, clamp, needle and jewelry, she was telling us about the different people that go in there. One customer of hers is working on a ladder on his penis. He now has nine barbells in place. I wanted to see that, it sounds very sexy.

She had everything laid out and ready to go. She had me lay back and pull my shirt down while she adjusted the chair to give her easy access to my nipple. I started getting nervous then while she rubbed my nipple with alcohol. I took my friends hand preparing for it. She explained everything she was doing as she went. She got a clamp and placed a rubber band around it so it would hold securely on my nipple. Placing it on my nipple felt amazing, but I also like the feeling of nipple clamps too. She told me to take a deep breath in and then out. While I did so on the out breath I felt a pain, almost like a sting, in my nipple. She told me to just relax and keep breathing. I looked down and saw the needle sticking out of either side of my nipple. I then laid my head back as she slid the barbell though my nipple while removing the needle. I felt so good as she screwed the ball on the end of the bar. We could hear my other friends outside the room and Dawn told me to l et out a scream to freak them out. I did and I could hear them all gasp. I love a girl that has a sense of humor. I asked my friend if it was bleeding and she told me just a little bit. I sat up and looked at my piercing. It looked amazing, I loved how it looked. She placed a cotton pad over it and told me to keep it covered so it wouldn't get my bra bloody. She explained that it would stop bleeding and told me to keep it clean with Q tips, wash with antibacterial soap and it should do fine. She opened the door and all my friends were holding their chests. Dawn asked if we freaked them out and they all said yes and asked if it hurt. I replied it didn't really hurt that bad and Dawn told them that the scream was fake.

I thanked Dawn and she told me to call if I had any questions. She told me that I would probably want to wear a bra to bed for the first week or two while it healed. My friends asked me a million times that night on the drive back if it hurt. I kept telling them no it didn't.

It has been three weeks since I have gotten the piercing and it still hurts a bit when I don't wear a bra, but other than that it feels awesome. I am now thinking of going back to get my other nipple pierced and to add a vertical piercing to this one.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Dawn
Studio: Visable+Ink
Location: Massachusetts

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