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The story of how my nipple met a needle

Well, where to start? I'm into bodymodifications since I was 12 or 13. The first time I was confronted with it was when BRAVO, a teen magazine, had a report about piercings. I liked the way it looked. From that day on, I could not get it out of my mind. I was looking all the time at other people on the beach if they had a bb piercing, at the bus on the girls with a nose piercing and so on. Still it was because of the looks, and it didn't even crossed my mind to have a piercing myself. (Ok, I have to say it was 1994 and piercings were not that common as they are now)

Some time later, maybe a year or so, I saw a picture of a girl with pierced nipples. WHOOOOHAAA... that looks good! You know, nice girl, nice boobies and a small ring in one of her nipples. Again some time went by and again I could not get the picture out of my mind.

I must have been 15 when the piercing experience actually happened. During a weekend my mom was abroad and my brother was... hell, I don't know where but not at home, so I was all alone for 2 days. In the evening I just decided I want to know how it feels to be pierced. I guess curiosity... But where to pierce myself? I wanted something that can be hidden so there weren't much possibilities. BB, nipple or genital. I think a guy with a pierced belly looks quiet funny (not the hehe funny, but more the strange one) so that was out of question. Genital was also not a good idea, I mean I wasn't THAT curious. There where only nipples left. Left? or right? hmmm... Left.

I went to the bathroom, grabbed an earring, which was left at ours by a friend of mine, took a safety pin and some alcohol. I cleaned everything as much as possible, went into the kitchen to get some ice and started to numb my nipple. After 5 mins, I thought it will be enough of numbing and started with the procedure. I set the pin on, and started to push it through. One minute later I was the half way through, but I could not go on since I had no clamp or anything, just my finger, and it was a bit tricky to hold my own nipple and push a needle through. I decided to have a minute break. Maybe two. I sat down in front of the TV and tried to breathe. After 2 minutes I realized that it is not the best idea to sit there on hand holding the needle, which is half way in my nipple and the numbing is fading away. "Ok, take a deep breath and DO IT!"

I went back to the bathroom and started to push again. This time somehow i placed my hand well, since the pin went through until the skin. Another deep breath... "You nearly did it!"... and pushed again. And slowly the needle went through. By that time it was already a very painful experience.

I allowed myself a long long break, maybe 2 hours, before I put the ring in and went back to the TV. Honestly, I don't remember how hard it was to replace the needle, so I guess it wasn't that hard. What I know is, that there was no blood. I felt great. I did it and it was even looking quiet good.

During the next week it was hurting often, especially when some one hit against me but that was ok, since was very proud of it. I cleaned it every day and at the end of the week I replaced the earring with a regular piercing ring, which I've bought. At the end of the third week I thought “F*ck it! Lets do the other one as well. On my way home I purchased another ring in the piercing shop.

Since my family was at home at this time I had to wait until they were sleeping. Around midnight they were all asleep, so I decided to take action. This time I did not go into the bathroom, but I did it in my own room. Again numb your nipple with ice, grab it, push the needle trough. Only this time it was much harder to grab it and to pierce it since I’m writing with my right hand. It took ages to get the needle through and it was much more painfull. After it was done I sat down to read for some hours before I put the ring in. Also this piercing was bloodless and it healed very well. I guess I am a very lucky bastard.

I was very happy with my new piercings, and so were the girls. It was every time a nice surprise for them. One of the girls, after asking the regular questions about pain and how and where and so on asked me wether I could do her boobies as well, which I did, since I always liked the look of some nice pierced boobies.

Four years later I took them out, but the holes never closed. Even today I can put the rings back, which I do sometimes. I guess I was lucky that everything went well but please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!

That was my story. About the tattoos and my tongue piercing I will tell you another time.




submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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