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nip pierced

I have wanted my nipple pierced very badly. I am male and for the last year i loved looking at female nipple piercings and male and decided its time for me to get mine done as well. I am underage, but i knew a place that would do it for me. I asked around to other people who have had piercings done upon their bodies and they kindly directed me to a place where I could get mine done. It wasn't a very good place they said, but hey I thought, I will settle for what I can get. I decided to get my left one done only and see how it goes from there. I knew pain was sort of a "big issue" with this sort of piercing as it has a huge reputation. But I enjoy nipple pain and torture, and have had my nipple placed in quite painful scenarios.

I knew I was ready , I loved the idea of placing cold hard metal into my nice soft nipples. Just the thought made me feel good. I decided to get it done on the weekend and had to wait five curious days before I could get it and finally execute my plan. After the longgggggggg wait I arranged for my friend to drive me to the studio. We went in together, and I had no second thoughts. I look around the studio and noticed it was quite small, looked a little dirty, and seemed unprofessional. Oh well I shrugged.My friend warned me not to do it, but I ignored her. I couldn't wait, now that I was so close.

I went up to the front and paid one hundred dollars. The person there accepted it and didn't even bother to ask me for my ID, drivers license, or anything that could authenticate my age. I was lucky, I was just told to sit down and wait for the piercer. I sat contemplating the effects of my piercing, the long aftercare, the painful piercing, and the work I would have to go through in order to hide it from my parents. All these seemed trivial to me, but I still wouldn't budge on the issue. I was getting pierced today, no questions , ifs, ands, or buts.

Soon enough, the piercer called me in, and I went through. My friend followed and she sat down on the floor. There were no other seats. The piercer was a girl and was named Jane. She seemed kind of mean, and didn't even try to give me a pep talk or anything. She told me to remove my shirt, (very bluntly, might I add, as I she had somewhere else to be!!!!!!!!) . I did and there I saw my left nipple. I took a long look at what it would look like before it was stabbed and sealed with a barbell. I asked the lady if I was going to get some type of anesthesia or numbing cream, and she replied "no". I began to tense up, but was ready for the pain(or at least I thought). She took a marker from her pocket and marked two X's on each side of the nipple. Than, without a warning she took out clamps and placed them on my nipple. She closed her hand so the clamp would tighten. It didn't hurt. She then took out a piercing needle and dipped it in alcohol quickly and rubbed it clean wi th a napkin. She then put the metal rod to my nipple and pushed through. OUCH , OH MY GEEZ DID THAT HURT LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ouch Ouch Ouch. It was about 5 seconds of incredible pain. I fell down onto the table with the needle still in it. I was writhing in pain.

She calmed me down and was able to put barbells in. I was bleeding, so she took a gauze pad and slapped it on my nipple. It was burning horribly. I put my shirt on, and my friend walked me out slowly. This was after my piercer told me to buy a sea salt solution and wash my piercing very often. We discussed prices and I settled on one and bought some solution. My friend drove me home and I went to my bed and took of my gauze pad. It had a few drops of blood on it. I stared at my nipple and it looked quite good. The pain was worth it, I suppose. At least it wasn't infected or misplaced. It looked very nice, so I guess the piercer either got lucky or knew her stuff.(I think she got lucky..) well, I am happy with the results and I might get my left nipple pierced again, this time vertically. I just have to wait for it to heal.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: jane
Studio: a+studio
Location: USA

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