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My little birthday present

It was June 20, one day after my eighteenth birthday, and I was considering doing something that I had wanted to do for a long time, but could mean me living in severe secrecy with my family or being kicked out of my house.

I mean it's not the first time I had gotten what most people consider an unusual piercing; I pierced my own snake bites and my own ears, but there was no way in an absolute zero hell I was going to be able to pull this off on my own-- trust me, I tried before I could even make that assumption, and I knew I'd probably pass out with it half way done or even worse. Why risk it? But I still wanted it done badly.

And on top of this, I had a downright shitty birthday. I didn't think I would graduate this year, so I intentionally skipped all my senior activities,  I had ended my search to find any real friends, and had made even more enemies by being what I like to call a "sophisticated smart ass" I had bought tickets to see Dethklok in concert, but then opted to save my money and wondered around New York City that night alone. I put the money back in my jeans pocket and put them out for the following school.

The next day after my regents,  I began to scout Flushing for piercing parlors, but none of them were what I was looking for. Some of them seemed small and unclean, some had seemingly bad attitudes, as if they just couldn't be bothered,  so fuck it, I said to myself. I got on the train to go home. Just then I decided I would stop on Jamaica Avenue, where there was a piercing parlor I had felt comfortable with, but had turned me away because you had to be eighteen or over to get a sexually oriented piercing.

When I got to Chameleon Tattoo, the place had looked a lot different than te last time I had visited. The jewelry section seemed a bit more cleared and the tattoo shop overall looked as if it were accumulating more business. It was clean and nicer, and some of the former artists weren't there. I stopped at the counter and asked the main guy at the counter for help. "No problem", he said, and he called a lady named Li from the back. She wanted 45 dollars, but I only had 40, which was no problem for her as she took the money, and gave me a form to sign and asked for my ID. I almost thought she was going to turn me away again, but she simply said "just over a day" and showed me to the back.

I thought she would have been more gentle, telling me to hold my breath and such (as this was the same treatment I had gotten when I was getting my tongue pierced,), but she simply pulled the upper part of my spaghetti strapped shirt down, and dotted my nipples so fast I had to check to see if they were straight or  not. As she pulled a skewer like instrument off the tray, I prepared for the worst. Hell if she cared, she pretty much ninja-ed my right nipple. I was surprised it was painless! But just as I was saying to myself that this may not be so bad after  all, I felt a paralyzing shock of pain on the right side of my chest.  My brain screamed "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!!" and my body reacted be jerking back. "No, don't jump back again, okay, you're almost done" I turned to the tray and saw all that was left was the jewelry. I blinked a couple of times and took a deep breath, because the left one was not only still stinging a bit-- it had also began to itch! She put the

jewelry in, and said I was ready to go. I attempted to get up, but then I quickly collapsed into the chair. I remembered the last times I felt ike this, and how I had passed out after getting my tongue pierced. I sat down and waited a few minutes.

Even though I was a bit woozy after I had walked out (and the sun light didn't make it any better!), I suddenly felt high and bright. And as stupid as this sounds, I almost wanted to show everyone my nipples. It was on of the best experiences ever. I didn't expect anything and I consider it to be my best birthday or otherwise present ever.

A week afterwards, I questioned it. Even though I had read all the information about diseases and aftercare beforehand. The pain had finally come to meet with the swelling and I found out that padded bras aren't just for talking older guys into buying you beers. Most of the time it just got crusty or very itchy (often in public, where I had to hide behind my best friends to attack it at the hand ball park). The left one, I found was more troublesome than the right, I found. Then for about six more weeks, they both were healing about the same was.

Nowadays, my left one has healed up fine, but my right one, albeit painless, bleeds a bit, and I'm thinking it's has either to do with the time I let my friend play with them or the skin I peel off of them. Either way, They are the best additions to my body ever and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

 However, the price of this means I have to sneak to take a shower, I can't piss off my older sister because she walked in on me getting ready for a shower and found out; I can no longer try on shirts in front of my mom like I used to, as now, if she buys me anything, I tell her I'll put it on later. This has also become more difficult to hide since my bra size went up from C to D in two months time and my family have taken to squeezing/ fondling me at random times. I always have to be on my highest guard, or I might just end up homeless.


submitted by: nelliehart
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Li
Studio: Chameleon+Tattoo
Location: 89-25+St+Jamaica%2C+NY+11432

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