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My 18th Birthday

I had considered the idea of nipple piercings for quite some time & had done continuous research yet was lacking one important factor, the ability to make the decision for myself. I was two years away from being 18 and fully set on getting my nipples pierced. With the knowledge I had acquired I knew I would have to wait until I was 18 to finally get this procedure done. The time went by slowly as it always does when you want something badly, as time went on the desire never subsided. I took in any and all information good or bad on the subject and was still set on the idea of having shiny metal through my nipples.

Fast forward 2 months before my 18th birthday, I knew what decision I would be able to make in just a matter of months and was nothing less than excited about the ability to make it. I had a shop picked out and everything Staircase Tattoo in Santa Cruz California, even though it was over 100 miles from my home I was still set on going to that exact shop. I had visited a few in my area and done a bit of  research, yet could find nowhere that made any sort of impression on me. Even though I had never been pierced at that location I was more than satisfied with the help and knowledge from when I had purchased jewelry from there.

So it was set the date & location picked, and now came the getting there and who I would share this experience with. I had shared with a friend the piercing I had wanted for so long and I got the usual remarks "Oh its going to hurt extremely bad" & "You're crazy." She was all for it in the long run but still believed me to be insane. Her and I had decided that she would accompany me and also get pierced on my Birthday an experience we could share together. With much thought she had decided on getting her septum pierced while I was still holding true to my original plan.

The nerves were there over the next 2 months about the pain and healing, due to what I had heard from anyone who had experienced them. I hadn't been scared out of them yet and didn't think I would be. The day rapidly approached and the nerves never subsided. When the day finally came my friend and I went to the shop right as they had opened both of our nerves still building. We talked to the piercer for a short time & she told me she  needed to consult me for jewelry size and such. Her and I went into the back room and my top came off for the first time that day, still nervous with my heart pounding in my ears. She said I would be pierced with 12gauge 1/2inch barbells and she would get that jewelry ready for the procedure.My friend and I sat waiting, we had been informed she had one client before us, that just made the nerves worse. We filled out our consent forms and read over our after care sheets. Gradually my nerves seemed to lessen and I began to realize I would finally

be getting a piercing I had wanted for 2+ years and how excited that had made me.

Time seemed to pass by extremely slow when in reality it was about 20 minutes. My nerves had completely dissolved in this time period and a wave of calm had come over me. My friend and I were called back into the room to get pierced, I would be going first. We chatted for a little while and then I was asked to remove my shirt to become comfortable with the room temperature, a few moments later she marked on my skin for the piercings and asked if they looked alright, I thought they were perfect as did my friend, my nerves came back knowing in a matter of minutes I would have needles going through my nipples. She asked me to lay down on the procedure table, I felt my stomach give little flips and my skin get flush, I was officially extremely nervous. She told me that she would walk me through the procedure. Although this wasn't my first,it was actually number 8 & 9. Even without it being my first  I was more nervous than I had ever been before a piercing. I was so worried abou

t the pain being unbearable more than anything at all. She asked if I was ready, I had asked to have a moment. I took a few deep breaths to try and calm my nerves, then told her I was ready. She asked me to take a deep breath in and our and it was done, the first piercing done in a matter of seconds, all I felt was a hard pinch. Before I had time to say anything she was onto the second one, she asked the same thing and it was also done and over with in a matter of seconds. Putting the jewelry in hurt worse than the actual piercing yet it wasn't unbearable at any time. She was done and cleaned me up and told me I could have a look at them, they looked amazing I couldn't have been happier.

The experience in a whole was nothing like I had thought it to be, it hurt a lot less than I thought it would and they look 100 times better than I had expected. I'm happy I went through with the it and even happier with the studio I had chosen to get it done at. The pain after the piercing so far in minimal, yet I'm only one day into the healing process but everything looks great and it doesn't hurt too bad. I am cleaning them with simple sea salt soaks as I did almost all of my other piercings. All in all I would have to say this was a wonderful experience and if you're considering it go for it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Katrina
Studio: Staircase+Tattoo+%26+Piercing
Location: Santa+Cruz+%2C+CA

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