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Couldn't quite believe I'd done it!

For years now I've been interested in body mods, but was never quite sure when I might take the plunge myself, never even got my ears done or anything. But hey, one day I was chatting to my boyfriend about tattoos, and we thought maybe it would be a nice idea to get one together? I don't mean each others names, or matching pictures or anything silly, just thought the act of going and getting them done together would be an activity worth considering! So we considered it and did lots of research etc, but in the end decided maybe we'd wait. Why not try piercing instead? My man had spoken before about how he wanted his ear done at the top... I liked the way that looked too but in my job, and with my parents, didn't want anything too visible, so I returned to an old idea I'd had about getting my nipple pierced.

So with a weekend away coming up in Milton Keynes, we did a bit more research to see if there would be anywhere suitable, and sure enough, lots of good recommendations online for Bloodline... very friendly and relaxed they all said, so worth a shot we thought! When it came to actually finding the place, we had an address and a map but we weren't so good at that! We'd almost given up looking when we came across a little parade of shops at the very end of the street we were looking along... lo and behold, there it was. When we got there however, there seemed to be a lot of building work going on, and we weren't quite sure whether it was up and running or not, until a man came over to see if we needed any help. Success! Because of whatever work was going on, he took us round to a back door and said there wasn't really much room for us both, so we'd go one at a time. My boyfriend went first mainly because he spoke first, and appeared a few minutes later with his earring, looking
rather sexy with it too!

My turn next! Any negative impression the building work may have caused was quickly eased. Although small, the room was very clean and everything was kept in sterile packages etc, it was all done properly, as all the online reviews had assured us (and I'd read a lot before hand about what to look out for and what to expect.) The piercer, whose name I don't know or don't remember, was very friendly and chatty, asked me what I did, why we were in the area etc, and was straight to business... no room for backtracking once I'd told him outside where I wanted him to stab me! So off came the jacket and the t-shirt for him to measure up, and make his little dots around my nipple... apparently I was slightly off centre, but was told that was nothing to worry about as its quite common in male nipples... supposedly! I expect he's seen a fair few in his line of work. He used a little numbing spray, which in some ways I was disappointed as I wanted to feel how much it hurt, (not being mo rbid, was just a bit curious!) but it was probably a good thing really! So there I am, topless and marked up ready to be pierced... rather nervous but excited too as I'd wanted to do this for years! The guy advised me to look away, and I did, but that same curiosity about the pain makes me wonder maybe I should have watched... in went the needle, and out the other side. Couldn't quite believe I'd actually gone through with it!

Now I'm sitting there gazing in slight wonder at this needle through me, while the piercer goes to get the bar from wherever he got it... though upon inspecting my nipple again, decided that my skin was unusually soft (he commented on this during the piercing) and I'd be better suited to a shorter bar... so off her went to find one that would go better. So there we have it, there's a bar through my chest and it looks great, what's more it didn't even feel uncomfortable (it was only later that it got itchy and I could feel it.) I told the guy it was brilliant and thanked him very much, then he led me back outside to join my newly-pierced boyfriend. He gave us directions to get back to where we needed to be, and was about to send us on our way when I piped up, "but I haven't paid you yet!" He admitted he does this all the time, sending people off, and so far has never lost any money as everyone owes up. So I paid, thanked him again, and off we went.

Afterwards it took a bit of getting used to and was quite irritating while healing, as everything seemed to rub in the wrong place, but once I got used to it I loved it... keep pondering whether to get the other one done... does they look better as a matching set or just a one off? We shall see what the future holds!! Oh and I still want that tattoo...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Bloodline+Tattoo
Location: Milton+Keynes%2C+UK

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