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The 18th birthday, and my nipples hurt

Ok so im going to start this one out with a brief explanation of not only my own piercings, but how the new nipple piercings came to be.

I personally have always enjoyed piercings, adoring several beautifully healed ones. I currently have both my lobes done, lip, septum, industrial, and now my nipples. My industrial was extremely painful, but by far the absolute worst was of course the newest ones.

K now to the story, my friend and I have been planning to get a piercing together ever since last December, on his 18th birthday. Well that came around yesterday. We got all excited for the new piercings and began to head down to the piercing place only to find out that the piercer wasn't in! Determined to get our piercings, we decided to try out a new shop, which was a hard decision for me because I had gotten all my piercings at Art In Motion, know the staff and its a very clean shop. I was not in the least bit unimpressed at Freakies. The staff was very friendly as well as a very clean shop.

When we got there she had us pick out the Jewelry after we filled out the forms and she went in back to autoclave it. After that, she came out with the 14g bars and began to mark my friend for the piercing. Laid him down on the table and began to put the clamp on, sliding the needle through, followed by the bar. "Looks easy enough right?" I thought. Boy I was wrong.

She began marking my nipples, which at that point even the pin hurt ever so slightly. Then I laid down on that bench and began to get ready for the piercings. The clamp was placed on my nipple, which actually hurt a considerable amount, and then was followed by the classic "Take a deep breath in, breath out" OUCH.. The pain wasn't too bad, but it was pretty intense, though I still think that the bars going through hurt slightly more. Now for the second nipple, the clamp again, and the clamp hurt slightly more so I figured the piercing would as well, and I was completely correct. The pain was so bad that I actually jumped a little on the bench and it made me arch my back. One of the other people in Freakies said, "K so im never getting my nipples pierced now", what a shame.

Now for my other friend, A. She was slightly more freaked out about the whole piercing, but the piercer kept telling her that males nipples hurt more to pierce. Great little bit of info, telling us after we had already gotten ours done. Anyways, she lead all of us back to a more private room to do A's piercings. She undressed and started getting marked for the piercings. I was quite fascinated how completely different a female piercing for nipple was from males. After she completely marked her up, she laid down on the table and the piercer began to get situated for the piercing. First clamp, needle through, followed by bar, done with the first. She didn't even seem to be in much pain, at least compared to me. The second one, just like me, proved to be much different. Second clamp, needle through and a complete death grip on my hand later, and bam, 6 nipples pierced. We all took a picture together, which will be found in the picture section later, of all 6 glittery s hiny nipples.

Found this whole experience to be quite a bonding experience between me and my friends. Lets face it, how many people can say they got their nipples pierced with 2 other friends?

I absolutely love my new nipple piercings. I don't think I'll ever change the jewelry as well, I adore the toughness that the bars give. Overall I would highly suggest this piercing to others, its quite easy to hide, the pain isn't too bad, and for the most part its a very unique experience. Lets just say cold, heat, and movement are very interesting to say the least.

And to give credit to Freakies, what an incredibly shocking find. I had always thought that Freakies wasn't the cleanest, or the best place to get a piercing. I was completely supprized by not only the staff, but the cleanliness of the shop. She cleaned everything in between me and my friends as well as going through a great many pairs of gloves. The price was also quite fair. I paid a little over 30$ for my nipple piercings, and looking at some other places, I would have paid anywhere between 40$ - 80$! I would highly suggest this place to anybody who lives in the Colorado Springs area.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Kris
Studio: Freakies
Location: Colorado+Springs%2C+CO

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