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symmetrical pierced nipples done after a long thought

Let's start this experience of mine by me telling all readers a little bit intro about myself. I'm a 26 years old professional male working with a company which strictly rules against visible piercings. But I have been an avid reader of BME sites and loved piercings- I decided to get piercings which can be easily hidden from view.I had long thought of getting my nipples pierced. I have been looking through the internet for infos and pictures of male pierced nipples- I wanted to have metal put in through them (looks goddamn sexy)but the horror stories of the pain put the idea on hold for many, many months.

But, as I woke up yesterday, I suddenly thought about getting my nipples pierced again..this time with a strong courage to do so. I decided then - NO MORE WAITING. It was like a manic moment, i quickly grab some breakfast and headed out for this particular piercing shop in Penang, Malaysia.

As I entered the shop, a young, long haired male with tattoos covering his arms and legs greeted me.The shop was a tad small but neat and clean. There were other customers in there getting tattoos done.The piercer himself looks rough but very polite and mild mannered. I asked him if he does any piercings in the shop and he replied yes and showed me a book of all piercings done. I browsed through and saw quite a few nipple piercings and decided to get it done. I told him what i wanted and we discussed the price, and the choice of jewelry. I ended up choosing a CBB.He was very professional.

When it was time to pierce, I took off my shirt and sat on the chair. My heart started to thump out so loud I swear I can see movements on my chest! My piercer prepared everything for the piercing and showed me the needle that he would use to pierce me- assuring me its new and opened up the package in front of me.

He cleaned the area around my nipples with some alcohol ( felt cold and ticklish) and started marking the entry and exit points. I had by then become so excited and anxious at the same time. And then the moment came, he clamped my nipple and started to shove in the needle.The clamping part was nothing but the piercing part was very painful- shearing kind of pain which spreads over to the other side of the nipple and up to my jaw. The shoving part was so unbearable that I was numbed with pain after the first piercing. Even though the piercing was a good 3 seconds, but it felt like minutes. By then I thought of quitting the second nipple but hey- I was already there and had one done, so why not just bear with the second one for another few seconds?

The second nipple was equally painful but I maintained my deep breathing.( it helps to reduce some pain) By the time both jewelries were inserted, the pain was replaced by a feeling of euphoria and sense of proud that i had this done after a long wait.Yeah a real man should have some hardwares!!He asked me to look into the mirror and i loved the way they look! I couldn't believe that I finally had my nipples done.

I thanked him, paid and left the shop. The sore lasted for a few more hours, and it hurt more when I went into the cinema for a movie that day- my nipples contracted when the cold air hit my body :) It feels good actually to be reminded that I have a metal bar in my nipples!

Today is my second day of piercing. I was able to sleep last night- no painkiller taken.I slept on my back the whole night, didn't dare to sleep on my chest though for fear of causing more swelling and pain.Cleaning the piercing isn't that difficult, in fact there was no bleeding at all.

I supposed i have a high threshold for pain when I can handle nipple piercings compared to other piercings- ah yes, I do have a prince albert and 8 hafadas with one retired septum piercing done 5 years ago. Based on my experience, none of these were as painful as nipples- the pain was due to the many nerve endings at the nipple.

That said, I wish to say that for you guys out there, please do not get discouraged by the pain. It sure hurts but the pleasure of having steel bar through your nipples really is worth it!! While I am typing this, I could still feel the soreness of my nipple piercings but it's bearable. I wished I had gotten them long ago..my next plan would be to re-pierce my septum. Anyway good luck to my fellow pierced friends and happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: forgot+to+ask+name
Studio: Mandala
Location: Penang

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