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Suprisingly Sensual

I was very leary about getting my nipple pierced because no one I knew had ever had that done. I was never very sensitive I guess you would say about my breasts. They are a nice D cup but never got turned on by anything to do with them. I always enjoyed trying new things and wasn't ready to commit to a tattoo just yet. I really enjoyed my belly ring. I also had my nose and top of ear cartilage pierced at that time. I enjoyed all of my piercings and wanted to step it up a notch without going drastically overboard. I was also still in high school and living with my parents who would definitely not accept this. My friend in Florida who was notoriously known for piercing other people out of his house.He was actually was pretty good from what I heard from most of the people in my graduating class. He actually had pictures of most of the piercings he did on everybody. There were no faces but you could get a good look at his work. He was very sterile and had a good bedside manner about him. Not only that but he was a friend which made it easier for me to trust him. I watched my friend get her belly pierced first. Which I already had done a few years prior. After that I then got my left nipple done. I was a little nervous to get both and Pauley the guy who pierced me said to just wait then on the other nipple.He also said that the right nipple for some odd reason always hurts more than the left. After he sterilized the nipple he clamped it with a tool, that didn't feel to nice but it was bearable. He stuck the needle through and tightened the hoop and it was over pretty quick. In all reality it wasn't painful for me. My other friend then decided to get her clit pierced. I told him I was not doing that piercing ever! The only trouble I had was when I had to turn the ring while cleaning it. That part almost made me pass out! But again that was one time. I kept it very clean and turned it a few time a day. I put hibiclens solution on it to clean it. There was a week or so where it got a slight bit of crust on it. I also kept a bandaid on top of the hoop so it didn't move around while I wore my bra and adjusted to the piercing.
I switched from the hoop to a gold barbel after 3 weeks because the hoop kept getting hooked on things. It was a little awkward to be at work and have your nipple ring get caught on the edge of a shelf or something else. A few times people looked at me because I made a noise when it got caught, but once I switched over to the barbel it was much better. You never realize how many things hit your breasts until you have a fresh piercing done! After having my nipple pierced, I would say I felt very different towards my breasts. It was actually a major turn on!! I won't go into graphic details, but I never received any complaints about having the piercing. Although, I had some trouble concealing it while at work with a regular cotton bra. I had a problem for a long time keeping my breast in my shirt. Sounds flaky but I was excited and wanted to show everybody what it looked like and how nice it felt. A few of my girlfriends talked about getting theirs done but they were to chicken. I actually talked my older brother into getting his done. He got both nipples done though. He confirmed to me that the right one did hurt more. He still has his to this day.
Unfortunately I had to take mine out when I entered the military. By the time I finished boot camp it was closed up and I never got it re-pierced.
I had a child after a year or two and wondered how that would affect breast feeding. I have to tell you it didn't bother my milk production or my son at all. I was very worried about that when I found out I was pregnant. The doctors even told me that I would not be able to breastfeed my baby because of it. Well, proudly I can confirm it didn't have any effect on breast feeding. I did/do not have a major or even a large scar from the nipple ring either.
If someone were to ask me if I would recommend this piercing for personal reasons, or sexual reasons I would definitely recommend it! I felt way more erotic with it than I do without it. Lately I have been contemplating getting both of my nipples re-pierced.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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