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Second-ish Time is the Charm

I had wanted to pierce at least one nipple since high school; but little did I know it would be two nipples and two piercings later until my nipples were just perfect.
About two years ago, I began talking about getting my nipples done. I had wanted to get it done years ago in high school, but (thankfully!) decided against getting it done out of the country. So finally at age 20 I decided that this mod would be something I could feel beautiful about. I am a self-proclaimed nipple-snob; I am really particular about the way that they look. I was pretty happy with my nipples the way they were, but couldn't get it out of my head that they were missing something. Upon discussing it with my boyfriend, I came to the decision that my small nipples would look great pierced.
I went to see Matt (he is the only person I will get piercings from, he's the best). He and I discussed the usual risks, cleaning/aftercare. We then decided on piercing with rings, as they are usually easier to clean. I also decided that symmetry would be really important to me, and I would have to get both done. Matt spent a lot of time lining everything up, and making sure that it looked right. I was honestly really nervous, about the piercing, but Matt made me feel comfortable about it all. As he clamped my nipples, and pushed the first needle through, I felt a stinging and a burning pain, but nothing I couldn't handle. My boyfriend made a terrified face, and I told him he really wasn't making me any less nervous! By the second nipple, I was sweating, but I was already surprised that I was taking it so well, that I barely remember him putting in the rings. I went home with a goofy smile on my face. I followed all the aftercare notes I had been given, and tried to take impeccable care of them. After a little while they started to heal a little weird, with the nipple being awkwardly shaped around the rings. No infection, no keyloids, just weird scar tissue. But I was still stoked about them.
Around the 4-6 month mark, I was having weird health issues (unrelated), and needed to remove them for an imaging procedure (an MRI I think). Note: you don't necessarily have to remove piercings, most hospitals just make you as a precaution When removing the piercings, I should note that for some reason one of them bled, I think because of forcing a crusty through the ring, but I'm not sure.
After the procedure, I was in a rush, and decided that I would wait until I got home to replace the rings. Not a good idea. By the time I tried to put them back in (about 6 hours later), it was of no use. I convinced my boyfriend to try, as it's kind of an odd angle to be forcing in your own nipple rings. He didn't have any better luck than I did. I was really disappointed. Fast forward a few days, and I am back at Pincushion. Matt starts to try to force a taper through, which by the way is so much more painful than actual piercing. He decides that these nipples will not be tapered.
So what's a girl to do? Get them pierced again obviously. The second piercing is a little worse, having to go through scar tissue, but still not unbearable. The second time around, I follow the rules to the letter. When they start to heal, I switch to barbells, which seem to keep the shape from healing weird-which might just be how my nipples are.
Again with weird health issues, and again with having to remove my nipple rings: although this time it's for surgery. Again my nipples tighten up, as post-surgery I am too groggy to do much about it. I come home and freak out. I'm not sure how much more piercing my little nipples can handle. A day goes by, and I decide that I can't give up on the little guys. I find a smaller gauge ring (18G) lying around from when I pierced my lobes for the 3rd time.(Probably not the best idea, make sure all your stuff is sterile please!) I manage to force that through my nipple, and then find a second one and force that through the other one. A weird little dry skin plug pops out on the second one. I wake my boyfriend up at 2 in the morning to tell him that all is not lost! But I'm going to need his help in the morning. After working on my nipples, and going up to 16G after a while, I am convinced that we will be able to get the 14G barbells back in my nipples.
After a lot of cursing and a touch of Neosporin as lube, we manage to get both back in place. Now my nipples are healed and look just how I wanted. I'm still in love with this piercing, two years later. But now I know, that I need to always plan on doctors insisting on removing piercings, that it isn't worthwhile to wait until I get home, I'm putting everything back in right away! My nipple piercings are my favorite piercing thus far; they're my little secret. I've vowed to myself that I'm not going to risk almost losing them ever again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Matt
Studio: Pincushion
Location: Plymouth%2C+MA

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