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Piercing Equals "Allowed"

I have always loved piercings and as soon as I was getting into highschool I got my navel pierced, then I pierced my own ears (three times each) and got my tongue, nose, and eyebrow pierced. But aside from that I always wanted a piercing, or 2, that were personal and private. Piercings that I would never show unless it was to my lover, to make it special. You guessed it, I wanted to get my nipples pierced.

I have always been a timid person and even though I wanted to get this done I would dread the moment where I had to take my shirt off in front of some complete stranger and have him poke some holes into my body. AWKWARD!!!

So this story goes back to about 2 years ago with a past boyfriend (who I am glad is not my boyfriend now). I told him that I really wanted to get it done and he just said "why" and he would tell me that he didn't want some random seeing my breasts. I understood why he would feel uncomfortable with that because... well... so did I. But I knew that I still wanted it done and he was against it so I just forgot about it, for the moment, it was still in the back of my mind.

A few months later me and this boyfriend got into a fight and we ended up breaking up. I felt like I needed to do something to build up my spirits and the first thing I did was call up one of my friends and told her "You're coming with me to get my nipples pierced!" and ofcourse my friend was there in the blink of an eye.

When we got there I was so nervous but I tried my very best not to let it show, I didn't want to look like a nervous wreck. I told the piercer what I wanted, I signed the papers and waited. When it was finally my turn I asked that my friend come in, to make it less awkward and they said that would be fine. She sat in the corner of the room and was so excited for me. Months down the road she ended up getting Her nipples pierced too, but that's another story.

He told me to take my shirt off and bra and he told me to stand straight so that he could mark me then he stood back and said "perfect." He told me to lie down and take a few deep breaths and he counted down from three and BOOM. It hurt but it was bearable. He put the jewellery in and I was so happy! Curved barbell just like I wanted. Now, on to the second one. It was the same countdown and BOOOOOOM!!! This one was much more painful. I guess it must have been the adrenaline rush that got me on that one. As soon as it was done it was more of a throbbing pain but I could still deal with it.

I was so pleased with my 14 gauge verticals, so perfect and straight just how I had imagined them to be. So I went home and my friend came along with me and stayed the night. Before I went to bed I cleaned them with an ear piercing solution which doesn't dry them out ( I use it for all my piercings)and put on a comfortable bra because I didn't want to leave my breasts flopping about all night.

The next morning my bra was soaked in blood. I wasn't bleeding anymore but it was all over my bra. I quickly washed it off and cleaned my nipples. My friend was in horror when she saw what my bra looked like but I have heard stories that it is normal for that to happen in the beginning, so I wasn't too worried. At first I will admit that it did freak me out a bit.

That day my ex boyfriend called me and I was quite surprised to hear from him. He said "what's up" and I told him about my new additions. He said "oh wow you got them" I said YUP!!! and that I was so happy about them. I felt like I was in charge of my body and I loved not having to get his input on it.

My nipples are now fully healed and I have a wonderful boyfriend now who doesn't tell me what I should do with my own body. If anyone is thinking of getting them done I think they should just go and do it. It's nice and private and sexy at the same time. Now what I have to think of is what I want next. I am still obsessed with piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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