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Nipple Piercings.... again.....

    Well it started off about a year ago.  I have always wanted my nipples pierced, and I though it would look really cool.  I have always been really afraid off what my parents would think or how much it would hurt so I always put getting them done off.

Finally, one day I was talking to someone at work and they said they wanted to get their nipples pierced as well, so I was happy that I would at least have someone to go with me to get them done with.  That night we agreed to go to a local piercing shop the next town over that I knew did very good work because I got my tongue pierced there.  When we got to the shop I was very nervous, I mean having a needle stuck through your nipple can not feel very good, right?  The piercer at the front counter already knew who I was and I told him that I wanted my nipples pierced,  I went straight into the room, took my short off, he started marking them right away, next thing I knew I had a pair of clamps on my nipples all ready for him to stick the needle through.   That was probably the worst part, because you know the pain is coming.  Once he stuck the needle through I was surprised that it did not hurt as bad as I imagined.  Once he stuck the second needle through it hurt even more t

hough, and the piercer even said the 2nd one always hurts more. Once it was all done I was very happy with them.

As soon as we left the shop I started to notice them start burning,  which was kind of uncomfortable, I just went to my friends house and had a beer and the pain went away.   A week later the pain was pretty much gone, I was just cautious about how I put on my shirt, or dried myself with a towel after a shower, I didn't want to snag the piercing.  For about the next month after that, they always itched, which was the worst part of the whole experience, other then that I totally loved my new piercing.

Spring has finally come, so that means its time to put the boat in the water and start wakeboarding.  I never even thought about how uncomfortable it is to wear a life jacket while having nipple piercing in.  The first couple times I went out it was fine, but then after awhile they started to get swollen and really start to hurt.  I  had to make a decision of weather or not I should take out the piercing.  After a couple more times out wakeboarding I decided to take them out, I still had a whole season for wakeboarding and I didn't want to be so uncomfortable.  After I took them out they healed right away and everything went back to normal.

So its been about 4 months now that I have not had the piercing in, and  I really miss them.  My girlfriend is always telling me I should get them done again because she wants hers done as well.  I just keep thinking that it would have to hurt even worst then the first time because they have to go through scar tissue from having them pierced the first time.  One night we were in Lake Geneva and I said screw it and decided to go through with it again.  We walk into the shop and I told the piercer that I want my nipples pierced again, and I told him the reason I lost them the first time.   I then asked him if there would be any problems getting them pierced again, he looked at my healed nipples and said not at all.   He said he would go right through where the old scare was and it would remove any scar tissue.   The next question I had was, "how much more is this going to hurt then the last time,"  he told me that it would not hurt anymore then the first time, so that was a bi

t of relief. Just like the first time he marked the nipples, clamped them, and the next thing I know I have two new piercing. It did not hurt any worse then the first time getting them done, by no means was it comfortable getting them pierced, but not as bad as expected.

Well its been a week now since I have had them repierced and I am completely happy with them.  I am not looking forward to having the itching all over again, but its something I will have to real with.  I highly suggest to anyone that wants to get their nipples pierced to do it.   They look very cool, and show for a good time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Greg
Studio: Lake+Geneva+Tattoo
Location: Lake+Geneva+WI

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