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Nips & Lips for a Wedding Present

My fiancee Robert, was stationed in England before we were married. In the two years from graduation to our wedding it is an understatement that a lot of changes happened to me.

When my fiancee left for England we became engaged. About 6 months later I started to receive strange letters from him. He started including pictures and stories about body modification, mainly piercing but also tattoo's and branding. I had to admit this was strange because at 22 I didn't even have my ears pierced. I continued to hope he would tire of this junk as I called it then. If anything it seemed this was all he talked about.

When he came home on leave he showed me books about Victorian England and how husbands would have their wive's pierced on the wedding night as a sign of love. I told he he was crazy and even thought about breaking off the engagement if he continued to pressure me on this issue. Needless to say, the leave was not very sexual.

I showed all the pictures and books to my friend Karen. Karen is a nurse and sometimes walks on the wild side. She explained that piercing was easier than a tattoo. Only one needle puncture vs. millions. As long as you made sure all was antiseptic and good after care you should have no problems.

We were at the mall a few weeks later shopping after Christmas sales and the Piercing Pagoda in the mall had a special for ear piercing. Karen said I should at least try that to get a feel for it and surprise Robert, I did it. It didn't really hurt and the after care was snap. Several long letters from Robert and I knew I would do my Nipples as a wedding present to him.

April 1st. April fools day. Karen came over with everything she ordered. Stainless CBR's, Clamp, the largest needles I ever saw. (Actually 12ga.) I thought there were only going to be 2 CBR's but Karen brought 4 CBR'S and explained I should do my outer Labia so Robert could put his dog tag on it when he was gone. Just like the Victorian gentry did in the book. Several drinks later and I was ready to try my Nipples.

Karen had me lay on my kitchen table. She used alcohol to make sure the area was sterile and then took the clamp and clamped my right nipple. She said to breathe in and push out. She forced the needle through my nipple. I felt the crush of the tissue as the needle was passing through my nipple and how sore it was as it pouched out then pushed through the other side. Karen then took the ring and pushed the needle through the other side and put the ball in place. I'm not sure what hurt more the needle going through my nipple or the ring. Karen gave a drink and then did my left nipple. Same procedure but this time it seemed to hurt more. After it was finished I got up slowly walked to mirror and examined my new rings. I played with them a little but they began to ache so I stopped.

I had another drink and by that time my nipples seemed to quiet down. Karen asked if i was ready and I said for what. She said I needed to have my Labia done so Robert could hang a dog tag on me as a sign of love. I don't know why but I agreed

I never had my panties off in front of Karen but since she was nurse I figured she had seen it all. Karen said I needed to shave my Labia to prevent infection and went and got my shave cream and a new razor. Less stubble less chance for infection, that is what she said. She shaved me clean, I have been that way ever since. Then she used alcohol to sterilize the area. There I was knees up freshly shaved, spread wide open for all to see at the end of the table

Karen held a mirror and asked if I liked where she wanted to pierce me. I said I guess it's looks like a good spot. Karen then applied a clamp to my right Labia and using the same procedure had me breath out and punched a new needle through about 1/3 down from the top of my lip. This didn't hurt as much as my nipple and she made quick work of putting the ring and ball in place. The Left side had a small problem. The ring was bent and it took some doing to secure the ball. This caused that side to bleed and swell more then my right.

The after care instructions were similar to my ears and after a few weeks everything seemed to be healing nicely. We were married on May 18th Imagine my husband's surprise when he unwrapped his bride and she presented herself with nipple rings and a place for his dog tag. I have to admit, as time has gone by my nipples have become more sensitive. I have worn a dog tag in my right labia since our honeymoon. Two postings over seas and now Robert is back in Iraq. His dog tag is secure. I will never remove it



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Karen+Stevenson
Studio: Home
Location: Jacksonville+Flordia

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