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My lovely pink nipplies...

I was really quite nervous about getting my nipples pierced, not about the pain, just about getting my boobs out infront of some randomer. I decided to just get it over with as I really wanted them done. At first, I wanted rings because I thought they looked better, but I heard stories about them being difficult to heal. So I decided to get barbells.

So, I went in at 2.30pm, waited a wee while for the guy to pierce someone else. He gave me the paperwork to sign, and asked me if I had any questions about the piercing. He then asked what kind of jewellery I wanted, I decided to have pink titanium barbells which he said was fine. He ID'd me also, I'm 19 and you're meant to be 16 to be pierced in Scotland. I do look quite young though. I then went into the room.

The guy washed his hands, put on gloves, got stuff set up, changed his gloves again, etc. Then he asked me to take my top and bra off, which was quite awkward for me. Then he cleaned my nipples, and marked them, measured them, cleaned them, remeasured them, cleaned them, remarked them, etc. He finally decided he was happy with it. It was great of him to do this, I loved how much effort he put into making sure they were perfect.

I lay down on the chair, he told me to breathe in really deep then when I let it out, he'd pierce me, so I did. I felt a bit of pressure when he was piercing and a bit of pain. But it wasn't anything I couldn't cope with. I thought my tragus piercing was much worse. To be honest, it just felt like a nipple cripple. The pain's over in seconds, so even if you have got a low pain threshold, it doesn't matter, at least you know it'll be over veeery soon.

Putting the jewellery in was a breeze too, usually I find this is the worst part, but it was fine. Just a slight bit of pressure. He told me to breathe in really quickly as if I'm about to sneeze when he's putting the jewellery in, so I think that helped a lot.

He gave me a mirror to make sure I liked them, he kept asking if I was feeling ok too which was nice of him.

The pain wasn't bad afterwards, the guy had put plaster/pad things over them incase they bled 'cause I'm usually a bit of a bleeder so they didn't rub against my bra or anything. It was just a general soreness rather than an intense pain.

Overall I'm really happy with it, I felt comfortable around the guy, who was great and made you feel at ease and the pain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Nirvana's a great place to go for piercings, the staff there make you feel really comfortable, they're all so nice. It's clean and has a really large collection of jewellery. I'd definitely go back! I've been to Blancolo for my tragus and ear rim piercings and the service there wasn't as good as Nirvana. It's all clean and that, but they're not as friendly as the people in Nirvana.

In Nirvana, they sat me down after my piercing and went over aftercare and whatnot. Whereas in Blancolo, they just gave me a sheet and said 'it says wash 3 times, but you can just wash it once'.

At Nirvana, you feel like they really care about you. They want you to get pierced knowing what you're in for and making sure that you're ok at all times.

If you're thinking about getting your nipple(s) pierced, just go for it. There's no evidence to say that it affects breastfeeding, as long as it's done right. Just do research before you get it done so you find a good piercer. The pain isn't unbearabable and it's over very quickly. Any horror stories you hear are few and far between, you just think it's more common because people tend to like talking about bad experiences rather than good experiences.

Just now, about 4/5 hours on, my breasts just feel quite tender. I'm going to sleep topless to get air to my piercings as a lot of the time irritation occurs because you don't get enough air to your breasts. Clean it a few times a day with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in a cup of water and clean it every other day with a salt water soak. (1/4 teaspoon sea salt, cup of hot water, leave on the piercing for about ten minutes to soak out any impurities).

My piercings cost me £50, which I thought was ok since I didn't get the usual jewellery.

I'm definitely going to go back to Nirvana to get my rook piercing done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: The+Young+Guy...lol%2C+can%27t+remember+his+name
Studio: Nirvana
Location: Glasgow

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