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My "Crazy" Nipples

I've decided to finally write a piercing experience, because in reading BME, I have learned TONS about new beautiful piercings, the experience of it, and the aftercare! After researching and reading experiences, I have decided to get both my rook and my tragus done! BME also helped me as I was deciding whether or not to pierce my nipples.

I currently have my lobes done three times in each ear, my navel, my nostril, and my nipples!! :) I love all of my piercings...and if I had to rate them least painful to most painful, my list would look like this:

First lobes (done with a gun when I was 5)

Second lobes (done with a 14G needle)

Third lobes (done with a 14G needle)

Nostril (done with a gun :0( )

Navel (done with a 14G needle)


I haven't always wanted my nipples pierced...I've always liked my boobs and I didn't want to mess with them, but after getting the itch of wanting a new piercing, I decided I would take the leap and get my nipples done!

It was a piercing no one would see or know about, unless I decided to let the cat out of the bag. I am starting my junior year of college; since I want to be a teacher, my mods must be appropriate or hidden!

So all my friends thought I was nuts, because the pain is supposed to be insane! One friend who had recenty got her nipples pierced, called me to try to talk me out of it! She told me it hurt insanely bad...and that maybe I should re-think it! But the thought was in my head, so one night me and my best friend went to go visit my piercer.

Because he works about an hour away, he will often pierce me and others in his home studio. There was two other girls there to get piercings, one for a navel and one for her nipples. I thought it would be a good idea if I went first, considering I'm somewhat a wimp, and I didn't want to chicken out!

So I went first, and after some small talk, was told to take off my shirt. He measured the jewerly against my nipple (I chose 14g captive rings). He marked my nipples and made sure that they were even. There was no mirror available so I turned to my best friend and asked if they were even. She said yes, so I was okay with the placement (horizontal). I grabbed my friend's hand and was ready...

My piercer had me breathe deeply 3 times, because he's had girl pass out and he wanted to make sure my breathing was regular. My piercer doesn't use clamps, so I can't tell you how those felt...but I felt the needle begin the pierce my nipple. I was hoping that was the whole pain, but it wasn't!...and then the needle was in...

THE PAIN WAS CRAZY!!! I don't know if I have a low pain tolerance or what, but it was bad. The needle hurt so much going through, but I never felt the jewerly being inserted (THANK GOD!!) After the first needle was through, I told the piercer I just wanted one done, he laughed and said I should just go ahead with the other one, or I'd be back...I knew he was right, so I told him to go ahead. The second one didn't hurt any worse, because they both hurt like hell!! He put the balls on the rings, and by this point, I wasn't feeling any pain! My adrenaline was pulsing throught my body...in fact, I almost passed out after the piercing, but that was because of the rush I had experienced.

Once my nipples were pierced and cleaned up (I bleed very minimally), I stuck some gauze in my tank-top (I had gone bra less) and sat down to watch the other girl get her navel pierced.

The aftercare has been going well. The first couple days they hurt as I cleaned them (twice a day with dial soap). They also hurt just during the day at work, but I found that I sports bra put enough pressure on them to feel somewhat comfotable. When my puppie jumps on me, he always seems to jump on my boobs, and that causes some discomfort. But they do not hurt unless I hit them on something. I've had a few crusties on my left nipple, but my right has been clean and relatively pain free!! I love the way they look (and so does my fiancee :0P)

So I definietly say, if you want 'em done, do it! But prepare yourself for the pain! :0) Everyone does deal differently with pain...Basically...if you want it, your gonna get it no matter how much people tell you it hurts! So just have fun AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR PIERCINGS!!!


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on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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