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Male double nipple piercing

Getting my nipples pierced is something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time. I guess the only reason that I haven't done it sooner, is that I am worried about the stipulations and stereotypes that go along with having that type of piercing. Getting them pierced to something that I can't be happier about though, now that I have it done. I feel like I have gone through a rite of passage.

I went to Inkredible Ink in downtown Orlando for one reason. My sister did this same piercing about a year ago, and had a good experience with the guy Pete, who did my piercings. I walked in without an appointment late around midnight, since I was already downtown with some friends. I had a few beers earlier, so my courage about the piercings was up. I walked in and asked to talk to the piercer. I was introduced to Pete, and we talked for a bit about the piercings, aftercare, and such. He was very nice and was happy to answer all my questions. He showed me his old piercing scars from when he had 4 gauge rings in his nipples and there was no deformity to the nipple, only a dot on either side of the nipple. I was ok with this, so I paid up front and did the paperwork.

I was led into the back room, and was asked to sit on the table, after it was prepped and cleaned. I took off my shirt, and did the piercing sitting up. He put on gloves, and used some alcohol wipes to clean my nipples off. He used the clamps with the hole through the nipple and put it on my nipple. He didn't use markings with a pen, which made me nervous, but since he has done plenty of these, i got some comfort with that. He then told me that the harder I would let him clamp the "tongs" down on my nipples now, the less it would hurt when the actual needle went though. I can't agree with this more. I let him clamp that thing down hard, which didn't really hurt too bad. He then pulled out the needle and proceeded to push it though my first nipple. The pain was uncomfortable at most. It was not as bad as people have been saying. He then put the jewelry through the first nipple, which hurt as bad as the piercing. For the second nipple, i was worried since everyone says your ad renaline wears off by the second nipple. This is not true, the first one went by as smooth as the first, although, by this time i was high on endorphins and didn't really pay much attention to the second nipple, but I do remember it was just as quick as the first.

I relaxed for a bit in the room, and noticed that my nipples bled a few drops of blood each, which dried on the nipple quickly. I had a coke, to relax, and then left with my friend who was with me, to go home. I have to say that my nipples were aching for about 45 minutes after the piercing. I was that similar to a constant "tittie twister". After about an hour, they were just extremely sore to the touch, but didn't hurt if you didn't touch them.

The next few days were interesting. I woke up the next morning and got in the shower, and to even have water trickle on the nipple was painful, i VERY carefully took a shower, and then washed the piercings down with soap and rinsed them. The next few days were like this. Anything bumping them hurt a lot and, and you had to clean them several times a day, with soap or salt water. One thing I have to say, is that during my sleep, twice, i bumped the piercings with my arm laterally, when i was switching sleeping positions, and it was unbelievably painful, so be careful of this.

So it is three weeks after I have gotten them pierced, and it was pretty straightforward. They are no longer sore. I am not experiencing any "crusties" or gunk that people get from these piercings, but i think my piercings are a bit shallow on the nipple, so this might have something to do with it. I can pull on them a bit. They hurt though if I pull too much, I would imagine this will get better in a few months. They are doing fine on me just cleaning them twice a day in the shower with normal soap.

I would recommend getting them done. The pain was completely bearable, and over quickly. I enjoy them, they are kinky during foreplay, and so far, all the girls I have shown love them.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Pete
Studio: Inkredible+Ink+Inc.
Location: Orlando%2C+FL

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