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DIY Nipple Piercing.

First off, I would never recommend piercing anything without a professional,DIY piercings can be dangerous and should only be attempted if you know the correct piercing procedure and aftercare. In my case I decided yet again to save a bunch of money and DIY my nipple piercings. This was not my first piercing experience especially not DIY. I have pierced my naval, tongue, smiley, frowney, tongue web, 6 ear piercings,clitoral hood, right and left eyebrows, nose, and now added to my list as numbers sixteen and seventeen, my nipples, all by myself. Basically, I consider myself as informed and knowing what I'm doing. Though, i may be wrong, I still have never had and infection with all my experiences and I hope it stays that way.

My fascination with piercings occurred when I was really young and lately I've been wanting something new. Searching through BME I finally decided that it was time for my breasts to become more interesting and I had considered nipple piercings before but I was to scared of the pain to take action. My nineteenth birthday was coming up and I could milk a nipple piercing kit out of a friend. I asked around to see who would grant my birthday wish for a nipple piercing kit off of EBay, and yes I found someone who would buy it for me. I got an awesome piercing kit for my birthday.

After partying all night I woke up the next morning next to my best friend and we decided that I was going to do it. We went into her bathroom and I took off my tank top I had slept in and started cleaning my nipples with an alcohol pad that came with the kit. The kit contained, alcohol prep, two 14G curved barbells, two receiving corks, and two 14G hollow piercing needles. I thought that this was the best birthday gift ever and my poor behind didn't have to pay for such an awesome set of piercings. My friend that was watching me told me that she would help if she could but I assured her that I wasn't going to need it. After cleaning off my nipples and marking the points of exit and entry and prepared myself for he pain. The surprising thing is, is that whenever I pushed the needle through my nipple and into the cork the pain never came.I pushed the curved barbell through the hole at the end of the needle, screwed on the balls and admired my work. My reaction was "Wow! That w as it?" and my friend says "You've got balls!" I really expected to scream bloody murder but I am surprised that I didn't. My first nipple (my left) which I pierced from right to left was done and out of the way with no bleeding at all. It was time for my right nipple. As I placed the needled against the left side of entry I could tell that my right nipple was a lot more sensitive, so I took it slow. It hurt much much more than my left nipple but still there wasn't any screaming, just crazy facial expressions. As I finished running the needle through my nipple and though the cork the pain died down. I placed the curved barbell though the end of the needle (there was a little blood but not much) pulled it all through and screwed the balls one and voila, DIY nipple piercings.

This experience was incredibly satisfying and rather painless. My cleaning procedure consists of sea salt soak once a day and piercing antiseptic ever few hours. There is often a little bit of coagulated blood around the entry point of my right nipple but the pain and swelling is almost nonexistent. I feel that even though I've only had my nipples pierced for one day, it feels like I've had them for years. There is no redness and no swelling which makes me wonder if they will ever swell. I have read that they often don't swell though they are sensitive.

Also, I have never flashed as many people before in my life than I had done after I pierced my nipples.I love showing them off. I have gotten only looks of astonishment and surprise. My friends think they look really cute. I find them sexy. I think any girl would be great with them but that's my opinion. They make me feel so much more beautiful than before just as every new piercing I get does.

Hopefully for me there will be happy healing. I love my nipple piercings and I will love them more and more as time goes on.If you are planning on DIY piercing please be safe and informed, it's really risky and if in doubt just call a professional.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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