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Both Nipples...

Most of my life I had stayed above the shoulder for piercings. I had no thought of ever getting anything below the waist done. I had my septum, conch, tongue, eyebrow, Monroe, and several other misc piercings in my ears, over the years. I've gone to several piercers and gone to several places. (I've moved alot) This is one experience I will never forget because its been such a resulting piercing.

It was two weeks before the great twenty-first birthday. I was living with some rambunctious roommates and was having the time of my life.

I had made GREAT tips that day at work, I was delivering Pizza at the time. I was just not feeling myself, and wanted to give myself a birthday present.I did not have a boyfriend at the time, so i though if i do it now they will have time to heal before i get rough with them. Boy was i wrong, i met a guy the following day.

I dont really know why I did it. It was a pure moment of rebellion.

I drove from work, to a local tattoo parlor that my sister always went to. I was new to town. I trusted her. Though now I go to another place here close to my home which is an all female shop, clean and the cheapest prices ever. Mostly they are clean.

I walked in, there was one person there. It was about one in the afternoon. I chatted with him, more nervous than I have ever been. I confided in him, telling him about what I wanted. He gave me a price, and we agreed that today would be good because he had no other clients.

He walked me back, locked the door. Which made me happy cause I didn't want some person to walk in and see my YAYA's. I am a very large breasted female. They are almost E's. He talked to me about cleaning them, using sea salts. What the benefits were and the draw backs. He made sure this was what i really wanted, because it was a split decision.

He asked and suggested barbells (thankfully). He did one, and it did not hurt, and the second one was very very painful. I was so nervous about this. All i could do it talk and talk and talk. I ended up telling him my whole life story. I did it to keep my mind off the pain. He did the right one first, i loved it. The pain was nothing. The left hurt more cause I was sure it wasnt going to hurt. The things your mind can tell you.

I felt so rejuvenated though. It was liberating. I then went home, and showed my roommate.

The next few days were pure hell. All i wanted to do was cry. The weight behind them was huge, and the pain was even worse. He ended up putting too small of a bar in there. I then went back and they replaced it. It took all the pain away. The swelling was insane. I have stayed with the 14g which works fine for me. I have tried shields which I think are amazingly cute. My breasts are too large. I've looked for larger one's but i dont think they exist.

Six months later, I am happier than ever I got the girls done. I had very little sexual pleasure from my nipples. They are more sensitive than ever now. I love it. IT turns me on much much more. It has turned my sex life around. I could not believe it, never even thought it would do that. I am happier than ever. Though sore for weeks afterwards, and it not wearing a bra ive caught them on alot of things. It was worth it. It makes me more proud of my large breasts. I look in the mirror and think its very sexy. It was awkward when my mother found out, when I bent over and caught one on the laundry basket and screamed.

I do not plan on having kids for a few more years. And the though of breast feeding scares me. I don't know what I am going to do about them. I love them, but It just weirds me out I guess.

I am not suggesting this piercing if you have little or no sexual response from your nipples. It just worked for me. I have heard some people loose it. I know what just worked for me. I am not a doctor, just a happy girl who liked getting pricked and poked by sharp needles. I've got thirteen tattoo's and not planning on stopping on tattoo's or piercings. Who knows what I'll get next and where!!! Thank you for reading and help this helped.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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