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Another Round of Nipple Piercings

I believe it was a Thursday night & I was in the mood for a piercing, so I thought, "Hey, why not get my nipples done again?" So on a whim, I remembered that there used to be a two for the price of one special deal at a studio close to where I was...looked it up & yup, two for the price of one. I had them done a couple times in the past, but always eventually ended up taking them out. I work in a semi-professional field, so a new facial piercing was out of the question, but since I had experience with nipple piercings, I thought they would be the easiest to conceal & heal.

The studio doesn't take appointments, walk-ins only. As this is on a college campus, there were a lot of people already there, waiting for their piercings. I had to wait in line to "sign in" and tell them what I wanted. No one asked me any questions on jewelery and I had just assumed I would be getting a consultation with the piercer when it came closer to my turn...

I spent almost 45 minutes hanging around, waiting until I was called. I looked at the flash on the wall (nothing exciting) and browsed the jewelry in the display cases (overpriced & again, nothing exciting). I had to listen to tons of horribly annoying and stupid questions that others asked the guy behind the counter, it was dreadful...especially after I heard him give some wrong advice (I mean come on, shouldn't he know that you totally can't get you ears "gauged" with those cheap ass double flare plugs from Hot Topic? Ugh).

Finally my name gets called & I'm greeted & escorted back to a private room. There is some art on the walls and everything does look very neat and clean, which is reassuring & comfortable. I see that my jewelry has already been chosen for me & is laying out. Cool, so I guess I'm getting two 14g barbells no matter what, huh? The annoying part is that they were too long & I could tell by looking at them. The piercer said they needed to be longer to account for swelling and I totally understand that...but I know my body pretty well & know my nipples are different shapes & knew that one was going to be too long, but oh well. And if given the choice, I would have preferred a 12g, but again, oh well...I really just wanted to be in & out of there & get it over with. If I wasn't getting one of the piercings for free, I probably would have said something.

For some reason I didn't wear a bra that day, so I just take off my tank top & the shirt that's layered on top. The piercer explains how everything is sterilized and what she will be doing. She asked my how I wanted them and marked the placement--both piercings diagonal, pointing toward center front. In the past, I had vertical piercings, so I thought this would be a nice change. I sit down on the half reclined bench and she pierces the first side with no problems, just a twinge of pain. On the second side, oh my god! Maybe I must have had some scar tissue built up, but the needle was definitely not going through smoothly. It felt like it took an eternity & I just wanted to tell her to force it through already because it was so painful.

Finally it is over, I stand up, look in the mirror & the piercings look good, so I say, "Thanks." I put on my shirts, grab by bag, & walk out to pay. She hands me the pamphlet of care instructions & we go over it. I had basically decided I was already going to heal these by the "leave it the hell alone method," as it really has worked the best for me in the past, so I'll admit I wasn't paying that much attention to what she said. She gave me her card and said I could come back so she could take a picture for her portfolio. I think I may have had a discount on new jewelry if I came back, but since this time I was somewhat annoyed with all of the customers in the shop, I didn't feel like going back there again unless it was necessary.

But I should say that overall, she seemed like a good piercer. I tipped & was happy with the final result.

The piercings were very sore for the next several days. I tried to take it easy & avoid a lot of movement because any type of "bouncing" wasn't very comfortable. I never remembered any other piercing feeling this painful, but overall, they looked healthy & healed very well with just some occasional Satin cleanings in the shower.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Megan
Studio: Evolved
Location: Columbus%2C+Ohio

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