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An awesome first body piercing experience!

I had never planned to have my nipples pierced. The idea of a needle going through the base of my nipple really freaked me out! Out of nowhere yesterday afternoon, my boyfriend brought it up casually, and I started thinking about it. I called a couple places asking about price, and while most shops charged about $80, Brookland Park charged only $30! After about an hour of musing over the possibility, we decided to go over to Brookland Park Tattoo and talk to them about the piercing.

The shop was incredibly clean and welcoming, with an open tattoo area, and the people were really nice. I talked to a woman who said she had hers done, and she explained the basic idea of the piercing. Then, the piercer, Sihf, came out and gave me a rundown of what he would do if I decided to go through with it. He showed me the different jewelry and clamps that would fit me, and he got out all this equipment and put on gloves and marked one of my nipples where he would pierce it. I was still nervous, so he showed me how sharp his needles are by cutting a bunch of sheets of paper with a newly opened needle. After looking at my anatomy, he said that mine should be easy to pierce because they weren't tough or large. Hearing that my nipples would be receptive to piercings made me really excited, so at this point I decided enough is enough, I'm going to get my nipples pierced! I was absolutely freaking out at the idea of a needle piercing my nipple; my nipples are incredibly sens itive! But I really liked the idea of the piercing, and my boyfriend did too, so I decided to go ahead with it.

I gave them my ID and filled out what seemed like endless paperwork (in reality, only two sheets). I was so nervous! I couldnt stop shaking, and I kept writing the date wrong.

Once I returned to the piercing table, we talked about jewelry gauge. I always hate getting pierced with 16g because all the good captives and bars are in 14g. I have tiny nipples, so I was afraid that a 14g bar would be a little too much, but the piercer reassured me that it would look good! As for style, he suggested the barbell because it would heal better as opposed to a ring which would pull down the bottom half of the piercing. I was glad he thought a barbell would work better, cause I like them a lot better. He asked which hand I wrote with, because he said that nipple would probably hurt more. I write with my right hand, so I asked him to do that one first, to get the pain over with quick. With both of them marked, he asked me to lie down, and I was incredibly scared!

He positioned the needle and the receiving tube on my first nipple, and then stuck it through. The first one didn't hurt really at all, it felt kind of cool as the needle went through--I could feel the inside of my nipple! It took what seemed like ten years, but was actually pretty quick, and then it was through. I was so relieved that it wasn't nearly as painful as I'd thought it was going to be, and I was ready for the second one. He stuck the needle in again and this one hurt INCREDIBLY badly! I think I said "Wow this one hurts like a hundred times more than the other one" in one quick breath as he pierced it. But then it was over! I had two needles sticking through my nipples, and he replaced them with jewelry which felt incredibly weird and awful, but was over fast. He screwed on the barbells and I sat up--it was over! I had done it! I had two extra-long barbells in my nipples, which turned out to be perfect because my nipples swelled up after the piercing. About a minut e after sitting up, while he was giving me aftercare directions, I started feeling dizzy and my eyes got that weird pre-fainting yellow in front of my field of vision, and the piercer caught on quickly, had me lie down, and got some cool rags to put on different parts of my body to lower my body temperature. He was so efficient that after about thirty seconds I felt fine again! I got up and paid with a huge smile on my face and then left.

My nipples look so good! They are awesome! They hurt pretty badly for about an hour, but today they are much better. I am so excited to have nipple jewelry, and Brookland Tattoo did an awesome job! I would definitely recommend going there if you ever need a piercing in Richmond.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Sihf
Studio: Brookland+Park+Tattoo
Location: Richmond%2C+VA

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