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The Nipples

It was April. I was considering getting a genital piercing. I had walked past the studio several times, on my way to, and from work. I wanted to get a VCH. One day, as I was walking past the studio for the millionth time, on my lunch break, I stopped to check what hours the studio was open. To my annoyance and disappointment the studio was not in fact open at any time that I was not at work. Not the say they are lazy or anything, they do have decent opening hours, but my hours of work were at the time extremely long.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. That afternoon, while I was supposed to be working I wandered into the studio. Once I was inside, for some reason, I decided that I would get my nipples pierced instead. It was also something I had been considering for a while (though without intent until that moment) I remembered when I went with my friend for her nipple piercing. She only had one done, but afterwards she was dizzy and dopey and had to be supported as we walked away from the studio.

I was worried about the pain, of course, and having done my research and having talked to people who had had their nipples pierced I knew that it was going to hurt. I knew that it was going to hurt twice. I knew that I was probably going to chicken out after the first one. I really wanted to get my VCH pierced, but I knew I wasn't in the right frame of mind for that, and I was wearing my uniform, which involves tight pants, so I knew it was highly inadvisable to go for the VCH option just then. I wanted something pierced though, and maybe I am impulsive and stupid, but now I was in the studio, and I knew I'd regret it if I walked away.

So, I said "I'm here to get my nipples done today," "Oh really," she said. "It's been a day of nipples,"

For some reason, this reassured me that I had made the right decision. She'd had some practice already today. That was good.

I followed her into the piercing room. Yes I was supposed to be at work. I was supposed to be doing something else. But I was getting pierced. Anyway, I waited while she created a sterile environment; we talked about our mutual acquaintances. I worried that I would be missed at work. This distracted me from my immediate anxiety regarding the needles that were now sitting on the sterile table. And the clamps. I tried not to look at them. I looked instead at the bench where I would soon be lying.

"Okay love, shirt off, bra off,"

I stripped down to toplessness. I was feeling slightly exposed, but comfortable. It wasn't cold in the room. I lay down. She marked the dots for placement, which I checked in the mirror. They were perfect and I felt much better, knowing that I was actually in the hands of someone who not only had all the practical skills of a piercer, but also something of an artists eye.

"They are going to look soo good," she assured me. I was past nerves at this point. I was anxious on so many levels that I almost felt calm. I was going to be so late back at work, and without any kind of reasonable explanation. I was going to pass out from the pain. I was going to chicken out after the first one and then be ashamed of my cowardice forever.

No. Everything was going to be just fine. I breathed. Relaaaaaxxx. I told myself, just relax.

Back to lying on the bench again. Waiting in cold dread. Questions racing through my mind "is it really going to hurt?" ... "God I am such a wuss for pain..." I remembered back to when I had my tongue pierced. Most people say it is a relatively painless experience, but for me it had hurt a good deal more that I was expecting. After the jewelry went in it had continued throbbing for a good 20 minutes and I sat in shock wondering what the hell I had done to myself. This pierce, from what people had told me, was going to be a lot LOT worse.

I waited.

Okay the clamps were on. Not so bad. Annie had been talking to me all the while, trying to put me at ease, but I have to admit I had trouble following the conversation as I was primarily occupied with my own thoughts and nervousness. If I heard above one word in ten it was pure luck.

"Okay, breath in,-" I breathed, and I knew it was coming, the needle, oh God.

"Okay... breath out," I breathed.

The needle went in. Is that all?

A relatively gentle sensation of pain, that was very VERY short shot through my nipple and breast. Done, and much less painful than my tongue had been, even counting the fact I was getting two piercings now, not just one. Maybe I had built it up so much that by the time I was actually doing it my adrenalin and endorphin levels were numbing the pain. If that was the case I highly recommend working yourself into as high a state of nerves as you can reasonably manage while maintaining a tolerably calm appearance. Perhaps it was the skill of the piercer; she certainly knew what she was doing at any rate. Before I knew both of them were done, jewelry in (I had chosen to have them with bar bells, not rings, as I am quite physically active and I was afraid that rings would catch or become uncomfortable. Also I prefer the aesthetic of bars to rings in general). Apparently putting the bars in is a lot less painful that putting rings in too, so I had a good decision in that respect.

She was inviting me to have a look.

"Thank you, nice job," I congratulated her.

Then I paid and was told about the aftercare and I was out of there. Back to work. I had an excellent day at work, by the way. Still high on endorphins I veritably buzzed around the office getting through about 4 times the work I normally would have. I felt great.

In terms of the aftercare, the piercing healed very quickly, and I didn't have any problems with them. My nipples are very sensitive now, and almost constantly erect (although it is quite cold here at the moment, so that could be why). They have increased slightly in size, which is good because they were a bit on the small side before.

Overall I am very glad I got my nipples pierced. The experience taught me something about myself as a person, my own unpredictability, my threshold of pain. I think each modification teaches us something about ourselves that we might not have learned any other way.

How we come to our decisions is part of the process of learning about oneself, and this experience taught me about courage, volatility, and impulsiveness. I think the experience is absolutely unique for each person, and so while I took away this lesson, another person might learn something different.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Annie
Studio: Steetwise
Location: Newmarket%2C+Broadway%2C+NZ

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