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Second time around getting these nips pierced...

Ok so lets start from the first time I got my nipples pierced. It was 6 years ago when I lived in Missouri, I then had a friend whom was a piercer do them for me. Everything went great I hardly felt any pain when I got the piercing done. But 6 months later I got pregnant my boobs swelled up super fast and it must have caused some issues with the piercings because they started to bleed, so I took them out. Without the piercings I don't have much feeling in my nipples, which is another reason I really wanted to have them back.

Well I have always wanted to get them re-done, and finally decided to do so 3 months ago on a whim. I was walking around downtown and just happened to walk by a tattoo and piercing shop and thought ok lets do this!! I walked in told the guy what I wanted and he told me to wait a few minutes because the piercer was out. About 10 nervous minutes later she came in and took me up to the piercing room. The room was very tidy and clean. She was super nice and asked me if I wanted barbells or rings. I told her that the first time I had rings in and didn't seem to have a problem with them, but also told her about the reason I took them out and she suggested getting barbells put in. She said they seem to heal better then the rings. So I went ahead with the barbells and I'm so glad I did they look so good!

She had me take my top off and then stand so she could mark the spots. She took her time and did a good job of getting them lined up perfectly. She had my look at the markings I gave her the ok and then she had me lay down on the table. She opened up the sterile packets with all the equipment in it. By this time I was nervous which is usual for me, I hate how it seems like FOREVER from the time you lay down till the time the needle goes through. She started with my right nipple first she put the clamp on and told me to take a deep breath in and let it out slowly and bam that one was done. Damn that one hurt more then it did before! She then joked with me about how the second one hurts more and she usually doesn't tell people but since I have had them before it didn't matter so much haha. Well we then move onto the left nipple, same as before deep breathe in and let it out slowly and I barely felt that one go through at all.

I got up checked them out in the mirror and of course I loved them! I got dressed again went downstairs paid her, gave her a tip and left feeling super happy. I had a little bit of bleeding later that night, but it only lasted that day and it was over. I really like the way the barbells look over the rings in my nipples. I can't wait till I can find some nipple shields that I like so I can put them on.

The healing process has went really well, I have only had a couple times where I have caught them on my shirt or bra. I have been using the salt solution a couple times a day and a mild anti bacterial soap once a day in the shower. I put my saline solution into a new spray water bottle, which she recommended so I wouldn't have to mix up a new batch everyday. It's very convenient to be able to spray a Qtip and then clean each side of the piercing. I also have a tendency to lie out in my backyard so I let them get as much sunlight as possible, which helps in the healing process as well. I have at times had some light white discharge coming from one nipple and when I looked this up they said it was normal to happen so I kept cleaning it as normal and it was fine after that. And I'm glad to say that my nipples are sensitive as ever.

I totally recommend getting your nipples pierced it hurts for a couple seconds. But in the end its so worth it! You get some awesome new accessories and they feel great too. So just a couple tips: Get a spray water bottle to put your solution in, it's easy to take around with you that way. Last let those nipples see some light, its probably one of the best things to do in aiding a faster healing process.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Not+sure+what+her+name+was
Studio: Oregon+tattoo
Location: Oregon

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