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Piercing newbie gets nipples pierced.

About a year and a half ago I decided after many years that I would like to have my nipples pierced. I had admired piercings and bodymods on others for a long time and had never worked up the nerve to try it out. But at 31 years of age, there was really nothing stopping me. My nipples are great to play with- time to add to that fun, and look good to boot.

I asked a friend of mine to go with me and she agreed. I told her what I wanted to do via IM, and her response was: "that's awesome." I felt glad to have her support and enthusiasm. Her most-pierced friend had recommended Tatu Tattoo on North Avenue in Chicago, so in we went.

I don't remember who was working at the front counter. Erika, the piercer, came and answered all of my questions. We handled the paperwork and then headed into the piercing room. It was tiny- things were very cramped. Space was so tight that while undressing, an automated hand-sanitizer dispenser squirted a dose of Purell on my back! But the room was clean and pleasant, and there was a clinical exam table to lie on.

We discussed aftercare ahead of time because I figured I might be a bit woozy afterwards. She let me know that she recommended a very minimalist aftercare, and that the nipples should be healed within six to eight weeks. More on that later.

Erika's manner was delightful- I was crazy nervous, and she was friendly and calm, and she really helped put me at ease. She marked the nipples with gentian violet tincture, and the marks were straight. She explained to my surprise that she would be using 14ga titanium barbells, and doing the piercing freehand- without clamps- as she found it led to less bleeding and a quicker healing time.

She pierced the right nipple first at my request. The sensation was INTENSE- sharp, stinging. I felt quite distinctly the entry, the pushing-through, and the exit of the needle. My toes curled in my shoes and I let out a sort of gnashing yelping moaning sound, followed by a sort of "ngghh nnggghh ngggggh" sound. Placing the first barbell wasn't nearly as bad as the piercing itself, but it was no picnic.

Erika asked if I wanted to continue with the second one, and I said, "Yes!" I was quite determined to do both, and there was no point in stopping now. The experience was essentially the same.

I was somewhat disappointed to discover that the left-side piercing was a touch crooked, but it was done. I don't know if this is related to the freehand technique or what. I smiled a mile wide, and hopped off the table. I was pretty giddy for quite a while, almost like being a bit drunk. I dressed, thanked Erika for her work, tipped her, and we headed back to my car.

Walking down the street, I was very.... aware of my nipples. They didn't hurt any more, but they certainly were making their presence known. We went back to my friend's house and all I wanted to do was sit around with my shirt off. It was nice. The piercings were really quite beautiful, I thought.

For the first week or so I was very aware in new ways of all the things my nipples brushed against in regular day to day life. Hugs were a minefield at first. I noticed my arms rubbing against my chest when I never noticed it before. I bumped into a doorframe. Whee.

Over the next few weeks the left nipple healed better than the right. The right-hand one, while never nastily infected, exuded a white pus-like secretion fairly consistently. I tried as best I could to follow the directions I had been given on a handy card. Nonetheless, the two piercings did not heal in the time frame I had been told. Doing research online, I found no sources that estimated such a short timeframe. The right nipple continued to exude its white secretion.

After about six months I was pretty frustrated by the lack of progress. I was also concerned about their visibility. As a pastor, I work with folks in formal and informal situations, and got tired of always having to dress, even in casual situations, in multiple layers in order to preserve the privacy of my piercings. These two factors led me to remove the barbells after six months. Since then the holes have healed completely. I think my nipples are a bit more sensitive than they were beforehand, which is nice.

During those six months, I enjoyed my piercings very much. I liked having them, looking at them, and playing with them, very gently at first. I would recommend nipple piercings to anyone who enjoys their nipples and would like to enjoy them more!

I do miss them, and I might get them repierced in the future, but not without careful reconsideration of the visibility issue. I also would not do it again without discussing the freehand vs clamp issue with two or three piercers.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Erika
Studio: Tatu+Tattoo
Location: Chicago%2C+IL

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