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Needless Worry

I have been a fan of piercing for quite some time and have a scaffold (bar across ear), double lobes, 2 lip piercings and stretched lobes. I have been craving something new for quite some time but some bad experiences with previous mod's had made me feel apprehensive and also my parents dislike towards body modification had previously made me take out my stretched ears and my lip piercings.

So I have been dying to get something done but just haven't known what until my best friend mentioned that she wanted her nipple pierced. Well of course I jumped at the chance, and had been considering this piercing for quite some time but would have never even thought of going through with it.Well we were going out that night and while we were out we bumped into some girls we knew from school and to our astonishment they had both had their nipples pierced and both of them said that it wasn't to bad, but I wasn't convinced. None the less I agreed that I would get it done with my friend.

Well the weekend passed with me thinking this would happen weeks away, and I went into college on the Monday and to my surprise, received a text from my friend, saying that she was going to get it done while she had the courage. Well I had a pang of annoyance and jealousy but this was totally wiped when I saw her because I was so proud of her, seeing as shes never had any previous piercing done, but when she showed me something struck me as odd because of the huge ring they'd put in, but the piercing itself looked alright to me. And we agreed that I would go for it the next day.

After a sleepless night, I dragged myself to the train station to go to Birkenhead, with the most gut-wrenching feeling in my belly, but thankfully I managed to hold it together after a pep-talk from my friend. Well we got into the shop called Beyond but stupidly I didn't have my ID on me and was turned away. So we high-tailed to Liverpool went into the piercing shop called Bodyworks inside Quiggins where they agreed to do it although I had to wait till the woman piercer came in which would be another hour of nerves and stomach turning.

I was told to sign a sheet confirming my age, and any medical conditions and was then led step by step through very clear guidelines about the piercing and how to care for it. I went into the room. Everything looked delightfully clean and I was told to sit on a comfy looking dentist-type chair, my friend decided to come in and watch which made me feel a hell of a lot better.

I then had to pull my bra down so she could see what size ring I would need and she then proceeded to spray my nipple with freeze spray which I was told would hurt quite a bit but to my surprise it didn't at all. Then to my dismay she picked up the needle and at this point I was shaking like a leaf, but before I knew it she had put it through. I actually remember saying "oh was that it ha ha" and then she pulled the ring through which hurt the most but I wasn't worried about this because I'd already had the initial pain.

Afterwards my friend looking quite confused decided to ask my piercer about why she had such a big ring and why hers looked so much different, so she took a look at it, and it turns out the man in 'Beyond' had stupidly pierced through her areola and this isn't good news for females as apparently you have sweat ducts and and muscle there. My friend understandably looked annoyed at this news and was told to see how it went and to get it re-done if things didn't look right.

She has now had it re-pierced at Bodyworks after letting it close up because she said she didn't feel comfortable having it in, knowing it was wrong and potentially damaging. So that was 25 quid of her money down the pan due to someones carelessness, although generously she got a tenner knocked off it at Bodyworks because Sandra was off two days in a row when we went to get it done.

So all in all, if you want this piercing then get it! You will most likely be in shock from the lack of pain. I certainly was and I love it to bits and I feel so sexy knowing that I have dirty little secret! I am so glad that they turned me away in Beyond because I wouldn't want something so personal done wrong and also we still wouldn't know that it had been done incorrectly! I would definitely recommend Bodyworks for any one in the Liverpool/Wirral area. They are on the top floor in Quiggins and they are ridiculously friendly and make you feel so comforted even if you are petrified!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Body+works
Location: Liverpool

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