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Mid Life Crisis ??

I am a relatively reserved person in a 'professional job' which requires me to conform a certain way. Whilst in Australia in 2000 my then girlfriend (now wife) dared me to get a piercing, she was worldly wise in respect to any kind of 'bod-mod' with then a tattoo, navel piercing and numerous ear piercings. I couldn't have earrings, facial piercings or anything else on show (although I had my ear pierced several years before!) so as time went on I kidded her that I would get my nipple pierced, "Yeah, course you will!" – Always the same reply. That lasted for nearly 4 years - in truth I was always very conscious of what 'people might think' as well as other implications to do with my job!

Fast forward to an Autumnal day in 2004, the eve of my 36th birthday and I was walking in Oxford Street London. I'd popped into Selfridges to buy some food; whilst in there I saw a sign for a piercing shop – I don't know why but I decided on the spot that I was gonna do it!

A heavily tattooed man with pieces of metal in various holes spoke to me at the counter and with the ease of someone who had seen and advised many piercing virgins coaxed and guided me in what I could and couldn't do. His parting advice, "Go and get some chocolate in you and come back in 15 minutes!" whether or not he expected me to return I have no idea, but stuffed with a bar of Dairy Milk I returned, paid my money and signed my life away.

I was taken into a private room at the business end of the 'shop', which having only been open a short time was very clean and modern and not at all how I would imagine a tattoo / piercing shop would be like – although being a concession in Selfridges, a large department store you would expect it to be a tad more 'up-market' than your avergae piercing studio. N.B. More upmarket not necessarily better ! (I have nothing to compare it with). I removed my shirt whilst the same man asked me to stand upright and he marked my nipple with a pen and having checked his marking in the mirror, he asked whether I wanted some numbing cream, "Oh Yes!" the reply – He sprayed some liquid over the nipple area and waited a few seconds until it was dried. Numb? I have no idea to be honest - I think I had gone to a higher place by then.

Now lying down, I looked at the roof thinking of everything other than what was about to happen. The clamp was put onto my left nipple, again checking and re-checking if the clamp was in the correct position – "Are you ready?" were words which focussed me on the reality of what was about to happen. I managed to keep thinking about the roof, the state of the economy, my work schedule practically anything other than the situation I was now in and mouthed / whispered that I was good to go. "Breath in slowly, then exhale!" was the advice, I did just that – "All done" was the next thing I heard. What? - Where was the pain, where was the wincing and screaming. In truth there wasn't any, in fact having looked down to my chest, yes it was bleeding very slightly but I HAD A METAL BAR THRU MY NIPPLE - YES!!!

Now outside Selfridges with a white medical dressing on my chest and with the adrenalin now subsiding, I first thought "Oh shit what will the Missus say?" I went home, half worrying and half excited at what and how I was going to tell her. On arrival I said hello and leading her into the kitchen I took her finger, placed it over the area, the finger realising there was something a tad 'alien' there become a hand, she ripped my top up and was genuinely shocked, Its nice to know I can get that reaction.

Now granted in the last 4 years or so, piercings have become far more common – or is it I am now noticing them more – anyhow for those who may want to break out and are thinking about any kind of 'bod mod', don't think about it....just do it. Whilst it may not be at the cutting edge of Body Modification it may have once seen to be, it is my 'Bod-Mod' - I still love it. In fact I am seriously thinking about doing something else, what? I have no idea but as soon as the feeling takes me I will. Incidentally not wishing to be out down, the wife got her nipple pierced a few months later which I still think it is sexy and can't stop playing with it!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Metalmorphosis
Location: Selfridges

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