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I Finally Did It.

Ok I decided to pierce my nipples. But the thought of having someone else handle my "personal stuff" just did not thrill me to bits. I mentioned this to someone and he kept saying it was not a big deal, (says him who isn't having it done)and I told him I would think about it. I did not want someone else messing with that part of my body so I decided that I would go ahead and do it, however, would do it myself.

I ordered the stuff to do it myself and actually was pretty anxious waiting for it. It finally came and I just STARED at it long and hard thinking, Oh MY God, I don't know if I can do this, maybe this is a bad idea. I had a stomach that was just doing turnovers constantly. The panic over that needle was huge.

I decided that I just needed to stop being a pansy and do it. I showered, told everyone in the house to leave me alone, the bathroom was off limits unless you were seriously in danger or something and there I went, locking myself in there with the "needle" WOW. I stood in front of the mirror marking where I wanted to have it placed, and anyone that says it is easy marking your nipple, yeah they are LYING. Yeah it was difficult so I admit I did something probably not the brightest and I just used my keen eye's, now theres a scary thought to try and get them even that way.

I swear I stood in front of the mirror moving the clamp on one nipple forever, time just shot by and it was like I was waiting for someone to say no no don't do it, it's not worth it. No luck though and inside I knew it was only my fear of that needle. I have a weak stomach and blood doesn't agree with me. After a period of time because I am kind of have a big chest, I actually had to rest one boob on top of all things, a lighted mirror because it was the only thing I had that was at the level I needed to see it.

It so was not working just pulling it up with the clamp, my boob was just to heavy to do that one. After getting it positioned and the clamp on there to the point that I swear I was feeling the clamp more then anything, I started to poke the needle in and I had a jolt like holy crap that kind of hurts and jerked my hand back. I stood there telling myself to stop being such a pansy, it wasn't going to tickle doing it and hey, I gave birth and I that wasn't a really big deal, ok it was painful but hey, its birth of course it is going to hurt, so I figured, if i can handle that then I can handle this.

I was a bit paranoid that I would not get it right so me, yeah I went slow and slowly pushed the needle through until it hit the other side. I have to say I was impressed with myself that I did not like wig out and start swearing and yelling. I however, did let the needle sit in there for a couple of minutes until I stopped with the shaking hands. After a couple of minutes I grabbed the Ring and started to push it through with the needle slowly being pushed out the other side until the ring went through. Now the hard part. I had to close the ring. HOLY COW, I mean I actually had to get a pair of pliers to close it enough to put the little ball/bead whatever you want to call it on.

I stood back and looked at it thinking, Ok that looks pretty dang good.

THEN I looked at the other nipple thinking, ok can I do this again to myself. Yes I can. So after about 20 minutes of relaxing because that adrenaline can stop on a dime, I started the process for the next one. Same thing, bigger chest, and back on top of the lighted mirror. I swear I messed with this one twice as long because I had to have things even. put the clamps/forceps on and started to poke the needle through. Half way through I am thinking, do I really need this second one. Ok to late on that one, nice time to think of it and decided to just make a move and shoved the needle right through.

Repeated the process an put the ring in and again, had to use the pliers. After the second one was done I stood back and thought, hey that really looks great. I love them. All in all I am happy I did it, they look great. Would I do it again? Knowing me probably since I probably made more out of it then it really was. But let me tell you, if anyone says you don't need a bra after while you are healing. They are LYING to you. I tried without a bra and Oh My God, I woke up all night until I put one on. For some reason it just felt tons better having a bra on and everything being secured in one spot. I even went as far as putting a bandaid over them to keep them still.

I cant sleep on my stomach (miss that) because they are healing but hey, I think it is worth it. I think doing it yourself is the way to go, however, I did a lot of looking at pictures, articles, and instructions until I felt confident enough to do it on my own and I highly recommend anyone wanting to do their own to do the same. Otherwise it might not turn out so well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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