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Holy Crap that hurts!

So I wasn't ever really into piercing's or anything before I got together with my boyfriend.  I had always thought they were cool and everything but they just weren't for me..  That's all different now. 

I moved away from my parents about a year ago, just to get away from drama.  I also thought it was about time that I lived on my own.  Well I was told that even tho my current employment is in a small town that a lot of gay guys worked there, and I was tired of being alone.  So I was surprised when I got there and it was true, After about 5 months of working there I found a cool guy to be with.  Who surprisingly just left his wife a few weeks before getting together with me.  So we were both pretty mild in the most sense.  I hadn't been with anyone before and he being married we didn't know what was weird and what wasn't in the gay world. 

So he already had his tongue pierced and shortly after getting together with him I decided to do it myself as well. I like it quite a bit, but never expected the swelling so much.   

So after that, I was thinking of getting my nipples pierced for a while, but I didn't really tell my boyfriend.  One day he was talking about getting his nipples done which I thought was funny and we decided to go to the shop to get his done.  The whole time we were riding there I kept telling him maybe I'll get mine done, maybe I'll get mine done.  And he kept saying yeah right, no way your going to get yours done.  So finally we get the shop.  A tattoo/piercing shop that in town called Immortal Ink.  They had done my tongue as well as my boyfriends, and I knew they had all the qualification so I thought they would be the best place to go.  As well as having a great selection of piercing's they have a very friendly staff. When I got my tongue done it was by the female that worked there, and she was the was with all of the qualifications on the wall. 

We get to the shop and it's a Sunday or something because there is no one working but one guy, who has a lot of piercing's himself so he looks like he is use to them. We talk to him and I tell him we BOTH want to get our nipples done, and my boyfriend is like what? Are you sure?  And I said sure I think it would be hot, why not get it done now when I have the chance.  The guy measures our nipples and picks out the right size, taking his time to make sure he has the right one.  He go sets up in the back and puts the rings in a solution to keep them clean. 

He calls us back and says who wants to go first, so I was like fuck it I'll go first, I sit down in the chair (same one they used when doing my tongue) and I look up on the wall where all the qualifications are and I don't see his name on a one of them, its all of the girls. Now I figured it might be rude but I was like fuck it I want someone knowing what they are doing to do my fucking nipples.  So I straight out ask him "Are you qualified to do these?"  And he told me "Yeah, I'm the head piercer I just haven't been doing it as much as the girl because I'm learning to tattoo."  So I was like eh whatever that's good enough for me.  He looked like he could be the head piercer with all this piercing's.  So now it's the time... 

He marks my nipples, the in and out spots, and gets the curved needle and everything.  He sprays some stuff on my nipples to make sure they are clean.  Then he tells me to take a deep breath and once I go thru let it out.  So he does my right nipple first and sticks the needle thru.  It Fucking Hurts!... I didn't show it much on my face I guess, but it hurt so bad.  If I hadn't already paid for the other nipple to be pierced I would have stopped right there.  God the second one hurt just as bad, told me to do the same things get ready take a deep breath and let it out once I get thru.  Well he got thru and everything and god damn did it not hurt.  I just kept my face blank and walked over to my boyfriend... He was next 

So I guess I really did keep my face smooth because he asked me did it hurt?  And I tell him "No." He must have been crazy because he believed me.  The guy does all the same stuff for him, gets a few new needles and preps him.  The does his right nipple quick just like he did mine and my boyfriend was like HOLY SHIT... Well he didn't say it out loud but you can see it on his face.  So then they guy is doing his other piercing and well it doesn't go thru all the way, so while he has the needle in my boyfriends nipple he has to adjust and look around for the other side to make sure it comes out right.  Yeah my boyfriend said that hurt so bad him going thru him like that.  But finally we got finished.  Has our nipples pierced and everything.  And we both loved them. 

So within the next few months I had a lot of problems with my nipple piercing's.  Kelodes kept growing next to them even when I kept them clean.  Finally my right nipple healed up fine and stopped being fucked up.  But my left piercing would never completely heal so I had to take the ring out... But trust me I will never get that one pierced again, because like I said before,

IT Fucking Hurts!!!

Oh and now I have my ears done at 6gg.  My boyfriend bought the little self piercing one time things and I started at 16gg, moved down to 6 within about a month and a half. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: hmm%3F
Studio: Imortal+Ink
Location: Sonora+CA

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