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Definitely my most memorable experience yet.

I have always considered my breast my best physical asset, and longed for the day to get my nipple pierced! It had been for a long time the only piercing that has ever appealed to me in any way whatsoever in the same sense it is not dramatic, and after all no one has to know what you have under your shirt! After plenty of research and contemplating I gathered enough balls to go to a few piercing shops and personally speak to piercers about the process. I was pretty pleased with the responses I was receiving and was under the impression that it was painless, so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal.

I had set a date to get it done, and had told my friend to be prepared because there is no way I could possibly do this alone. I went with a friend for support; I really needed someone to tell me it was almost over. We went in to the shop and filled out a form that was required. Waiting nervously I was called into the room, by the piercer who happened to be male... I had never shown my breasts to any male for any reason due to respecting myself, so I had second thoughts on going through because as much as this piercing was for myself it was going to alter my reputation to anyone who knew about it.

A few friendly words and smart remarks were exchanged before the process, I sat up removed my shirt and received compliments that made me nervous and tense by the piercer. I had my nipples marked with pen for positioning and was told to lay back. I felt overwhelmed with emotions so I was squeezing my friend's hand, anticipating it all.

It began with the clamp which I found to be extremely painful. I was squealing and had thought the clamp was the needle. I asked if it was over and when I was told it was the clamp I felt as I was going to faint. This was followed by needle which was the most excruciating pain I had ever felt, I was screaming in agony and then oddly enough started letting off moans and breathing really loudly with tears rolling down my cheeks. The piercer placed a cotton bud with tape over the nipple and it was over.

This was defiantly the most painful experience of my life. I wasn't able to comprehend how people could just make them seem as painless as I can tolerate a lot of pain but the feeling was pretty much indescribable. When it was over, I defiantly didn't pay for the piercing in a polite manner. I expected to at least feel comfortable in doing such a thing. I ran outside an had a cigarette talking with my friend about it, who couldn't stop laughing at how I handles the situation.

After relaxing the pain was still there but I was more relieved that I had finally got this done. I went home had a look and oddly became so proud of what I had done, and I wanted to show everyone I knew, but I obviously didn't.

I went shopping a couple of hours later and was walking with the biggest smile on my face, with my shirt rubbing against my nipple I felt so good knowing that no one would have been able to guess what I had under my shirt. The healing process was quite simple; I didn't follow anything as my piercer stupidly didn't give me any advice. I had cleaned it in the shower sprayed just about everything piercing related on it.

It healed perfectly with no infection and the healing was basically pain free. The sensitivity of my nipple had increased, and so had my confidence with myself. As the months passed I didn't consider my nipple to be a sexual object anymore and more of a dangly bit of flesh with decoration which is relatable only to people with a nipple piercing.

I recommend nipple piercings to just about everyone I know, without admitting I have one in some cases. It's something that makes me look forward to getting naked, keeps me entertained where ever I am, whatever I am doing. It is in a place where for females only people you want to see it, will see it.

If given the chance to re-do this experience I certainly would do it again regardless of the pain it has made me happier with myself than anything else has. Though on the other hand it wouldn't be wise to get this done, if your parents do not approve of it, if you're the type of person that lets guilt eat away at them; reconsider. Just about a year later I'm considering removing it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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