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Bite the bullet, just go for it!

I have always thought I have had a low pain threshold and have therfore avoided tattoos and piercings that I think will hurt like billio. When I was 16 I had my navel pierced, as everyone was doing it, and soon forgot about the experience as I grew older. It also took a while to heal and so made me skeptical about my body's ability to heal itself.

I decided a few months ago I wanted a new piercing. Having forgotten what the experience at 16 was like I wanted to revisit it. I decided against a facial piercing due to work etc. I thought about a reverse navel but wanted something different from what I already had. Hmm what about the nipple I pondered... Some friends told me I shouldn't have it done others said go for it but in the end its YOUR decision. I have always had a bit of a dislike for my boobs in the past and have only recently learnt to love them, a nipple piercing seemed a rightful celebration of this, lets add some jewellery to them and make them feel loved!

So I decided upon my right nipple (my right boob is slightly smaller than the left and I didnt want the slightly larger one swelling even larger, thought I'd give the right one a chance to catch up, hehe). I did LOADS of research, places to go (I even made an app then cancelled it with one place as I decided they wern't friendly enough, I was going to need to TRUST the person stabbing a needle through me!), bar or ring, pain factors, healing times etc. I even spoke to a few piercers. Some ppl prefer to be spur of the moment, so they can't get worked up or think about it too much. I am not that kind of person, I even watched videos online of ppl having it done so that I had some idea, I did not want to go into this thing blind. I wanted to know every possibilty lol. I am a worrier through n through.

Finally the day came and I took a friend to hold my hand (as I am a whimp lol). We went into the room, the guy was very cheery/ friendly. He explained everything he was going to do. He chose 2 bars and held them up to my nipple to check which size was best (u dnt want one too small as you won't be able to clean it prop if its pressed right against your skin). I chose a bar and the studio only pierces with titanium jewellery (to reduce the risk of irritation/reaction to the jewellery).I wasn't uncomfortable topless as I was too busy freaking out! My friend has a phobia of needles and so didnt watch, I was trying to make her chat to me to take my mind off what was going on but she was freaking out more than me! Some help! Haha.

Then he clamped it, which was a bit uncomfortable, I thought oh dear if this feels like this how is havin a metal bar rammed through gona feel?? He then froze it with this spray stuff. Aparantly lots of ppl/places dnt freeze this kind of piercing, so don't assume they do, always ASK. I asked several times haha 'make sure u freeze it, freeze it a lot etc etc' haha.

The freezy stuff felt odd. Then he told me I'd feel some pressure, which I did, as he pushed the needle in (I didn't watch), and then a tingly mild pain as he pushed it through the skin on the other side. I felt the bar go in and him screwing the ball on. It throbbed a bit but I expected it to hurt LOADS, it really DIDN'T. Just uncomfortable. He then said 'Didnt you do well, no screaming or anything ;-)' at which point I didnt know if he was being sarcastic or not. He told me loads about aftercare (most of which I didnt hear as I was concentrating on not thinking about what had jst happened), he also gave me some cleaning stuff free. Its been 2 days, cleaning is uncomfortable but MUST be done. I hope it goes ok and dsnt migrate/reject/go manky as I LOVE it. If all goes well, I'll get the other one done!!!

All in all I would say it was uncomfortable but not unbearable, I think I have a low pain threshold and I was fine. It has not put me off wanting it done again. But then again I did have it frozen, I am not hardcore enough to have it done without!

I would def recommend it if ur unsure. In a few wks I will go back to the studio and show the piercer so he can check its healing as it should. Fingers crossed!!! And good luck if you decide to go ahead!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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