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Adorning the girls

After suffering through the first half of what has been one of the worst years of my life, I decided to do something that would make me feel better. The "girls" have always been one of my least favorite qualities and after two kids, they were even less so. At age 27, I decided to get my nipples pierced in an effort to like them better or at least make them a little sexier if for no one else, for myself. As a teenager, I had many piercings, so I was no stranger to the whole process. I spent about two weeks reading stories from others, researching local studios and running the idea past my husband who has also had his own brush with body mods in the past. I decided on a studio by the name of Mr. B's, of which I had read numerous reviews about. I must have driven by the studio ten times before I worked up the nerve to go in.

Fast forward to this past week. I drove to Mr. B's, and parked in the driveway, sitting there for twenty minutes. This time, I was going to do it. I took a very slow (and not just because of the high heels I was wearing that day) walk towards the door. It was an odd time during the week, so the parking lot was empty so I knew if I made an ass out of myself during the piercing, I would not be too embarrassed. I walked in and was greeted by the piercer (ok, I apologize for not knowing his name. I think it was Tim?) who was reasonably nice and went to set up for me. I signed the waiver, gave my ID, made small talk with the guy behind the counter, and paid for the piercings.

The piercer said he was ready, so I entered the room slowly. It was very clean, and he had everything laid out on a sterile tray, ready to go. I took off my shirt and bra, and tried to find something in the room to focus on to avoid looking at even the tray itself. I may be no stranger to needles, but I still don't like to look at them. I still, for whatever reason, didn't think I was actually going to go through with it at this point and even expressed as much. Thank goodness the piercer chalked it up to nerves.

The piercer marked my right nipple (didn't even feel the marker) and clamped it. The clamp wasn't uncomfortable, it was just like someone holding the nipple. He told me to try to relax (not even possible for me at that point) take a deep breath, and before I knew it, I felt the needle go through. It was very fast, and probably just a little more painful than getting my ear pierced. Same feeling, just a little more intense. The jewelry going in was also uncomfortable. Within thirty seconds of the jewelry being in, I didn't even feel it anymore. Awesome. I was so ready to get the next one over with as well.

He went on to the left side. I didn't feel the mark being done on this side either. This time, the clamp actually hurt so I knew this side would be the more painful of the two. Same procedure. One deep breath and wow, this time it did hurt more. There was the same feeling of the needle going through, but at one point, it was super intense. Kind of blinding, but not excruciating. This one seemed to go a bit slower, but again, it could just be my perception. I did appreciate that I didn't even feel the jewelry going in on this one.

He cleaned the girls and handed me a mirror. They looked great; perfectly placed. The one part of my body I had always been ashamed of because of their small size were now highlighted by perfectly fitting barbells. Instantly, I felt sexier and happier with myself. The piercer explained the aftercare and answered any questions I had. I thanked him and was on my way.

The ride home was uneventful and I have not had a lot of soreness. Every once in a while the AC will get too cold and they will get rock hard, giving me a reminder that they are freshly pierced. Otherwise, they are doing extremely well. My three year old's hugs and clinginess hasn't even bothered them.

Overall, I have to say I am thrilled with the whole process. The studio was clean, the piercer was professional, clean, and patient. He was thorough about everything and even tried to make small talk with me to make me feel more comfortable through the entire process. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone. Of course, for a little while, I'll keep my new piercings my little secret. I doubt my ultra conservative family would be too excited to learn of my pretty new jewelry. That probably goes the same for my work. At least I haven't off the metal detectors at court yet.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Can%27t+remember
Studio: Mr.+B%27s
Location: Baltimore%2C+Maryland

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