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Shiney Happily Pierced Nipples

I have always liked the look of nipple piercings they're one of the sexiest piercings a person could get. So on  September 2nd, 2008 I made the final plans to get the piercings that I have wanted for the longest time.

On the night of the 1st I started to get ready for the fun that I had planned for the next day by showering, shaving and doing other necessary things that people do before they do anything important. Naturally I didn't sleep much that night because I was so excited about getting the new piercings. So I was up early and finished putting myself together by getting dressed and doing my hair all pretty. I then called my brother in law to come and pick me up because I was all excited about the days events so we went to his and my sisters house and sat around for awhile until my sister and her husband was ready to head out for the day so they could pay the few bills they had.

After they did their running around we went for some asian food at one of our favorite buffets in Des Moines. I had my share of the goodness that the place served so I would have a plenty sugar in my blood for the piercings. After about an hour at the restaurant we placed our tip on the table and went to pay for our meals. Then we went on our way to my piercers shop in Johnston, Iowa for my 20 minutes of fun. Upon arrival to 5 Point I was greeted by my piercers apprentice and one of the tattoo artists. I walked to the jewelry case to look at all of the new jewelry that he had in. When the piercing apprentice walked over and asked me if he could help me anything. So I told him that I was wanting to stretch my labret with some jewelry that I brought in and that I was thinking of getting something new but I didn't really know what I wanted to get quite yet.

I finally decided for sure that I wanted the nipple piercings. But I was a bit nervous about getting them because when I was right around the age of 15 I pierced my own nipple which hurt A LOT so I was scared that it would be like that again. He and I then started talking about what I wanted to wear for jewelry and I decided it would probably be a good idea to choose barbells since I've heard that they're better for healing. My piercer came over and wanted to check out my nipples so he could get the right size of barbell. He chose the ones that would work and took them to be autoclave sterilized.

While waiting for those to be done I got the chance to meet two of the guys from the Evolve body jewelry crew who was in town supplying the shop with some nice plugs of all sizes, shapes and colors. After a few minutes of chatting I went back to the lobby until it was time for the piercings. Leo my piercer came to the lobby and said he was ready for me to come into the piercing room and I sat on the clinic style piercing table while he prepping for the piercings. The piercing apprentice asked if he could observe the process and of course I said I didn't mind. So we talked quite awhile as my nipples were being all cleaned and marked with a toothpick and gentian violet dye stuff. I was asked to go to the mirror and check the lines and they look fine to me so he double checked and went with those marks.

With that being done he put on a new pair of gloves while I laid down on the table and with a deep breath in and a fast exhale he freehand pierced my right nipple. As the needle was going through I felt a very sharp pinch which was then followed through with the jewelry and on went the balls and he went to my left nipple and repeated the process. Then after the nipples I got up to look in the mirror at my new shineys and I was pretty much in love when I saw them. Then his attention went to sterilizing my labret plug then my centered labret was tapered from 14 gauge to 12 gauge and in went the black glasswear studios labret plug that I ordered from the bodyartforms website. After all of that he cleaned up the piercing area and we went out to the lobby so I could pay. He then decided that he wanted to get some pictures of my 00 gauge flats that I had punched 4 months earlier so he could build up his portfolio since he's been having a lot of people showing interest in that sort of thing. So we go outside and he takes the pictures that he wanted then we said our hand shakes, thank yous, see you laters and off he went back to work and away I went to get some supplies for the aftercare of my piercings.

The aftercare consists of soaking my nipples twice daily in a sea salt solution consisting of ¼ to 1/8th teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt to one cup of warm water. The mixture is then placed in two small cups and put directly over my nipples to form a seal. They are soaked for 10 minutes each time then rinsed with fresh water to remove the salt water and then I take a damp q-tip to remove any blood and crustiness that has gathered on the jewelry and my skin. On occasion I also let warm water run down my chest while showering and using some antibacterial soap to clean the area.

The piercings stayed a bit angry for several hours after the initial piercing which is to be expected but after that they was and still are pretty much pain free even after having them for 24+ hours. I'm very happy about that because from what I hear some people haven't been so lucky with having pain free nipples after having them pierced. My nipples were definitely one of the more intense piercings I've had but I would do it again in a heartbeat without a seconds thought. So if you've been thinking about getting your nipples pierced I say go for it but get them done by a professional! Or your experience may not be a very good one with the risks involved with self piercing or letting an under trained person pierce you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Leo+Ziebol
Studio: 5+Point+Studios
Location: Johnston%2C+Iowa+USA

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