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Never kick your piercer, even on accident!

No, really! Kicking is a bad idea. I can explain, though... sort of.

A little over a week ago (Tuesday, I think), I drove eighty miles to see my boyfriend Chris. We spent most of the day hanging out with his friends and meandering around town, not really doing anything in particular, when I broach the idea of him taking me to get a piercing. Years ago I decided on exactly what piercings I wanted, but the only thing keeping me from getting them all tomorrow is that I have a job working at a hospital, and the dress code isn't that lax. This left me with few options, but the most tempting was probably getting my nipples done.

In Louisville, where I live, I don't have any friends into the body mod scene, and aside from doing some internet research, I was scared to death about walking into a random parlor by myself, for some unknown reason. So until this point, I had put it off. Chris, though, had two tats of his own, and his best friend James had several tattoos and piercings, also. I figured if I wanted someone to hold my hand (theoretically!), now would be the time to do it. So I asked if there were any good local places to get pierced. He was, of course, excited when I told him exactly what I wanted done, and James recommended me to Redemptions. He told me his piercer was really good, and it was also cheaper there than in my much larger city. That was cool with me.

After bumming around the mall, we piled in my car, and I let Chris drive since I had no idea where this place was. It was maybe a ten or so minute trip from Florence, so I'm not entirely sure on the exact location. Sorry! They took me to a mom-and-pop style store, where I snagged a bit of lunch, as I didn't want to get pierced on an empty stomach, and we proceeded to walk several blocks to the studio. I nearly passed the place, as the front of the building wasn't blazingly obvious, so they pulled me inside to meet Bob.

Redemptions wasn't incredibly busy. There was only one customer there, in the middle of getting her tattoo via Bob. Another guy whose name I didn't catch was sitting in the lobby, playing some sort of Godfather game. When we walked in, he welcomed us, and asked us what we needed - James explained it, and I had a seat to wait for Bob to become available. Chris and James stepped outside to have a cigarette, and I mindlessly watched this guy beat on virtual people and steal their cars. It was actually fairly entertaining, but when that got old, I began to flit around the edges of the shop... checked out the flash, looked through the artists' portfolios, admired the body jewelry, and so on.

Eventually Bob finished his tattoo, the woman paid, and he asked for my ID. I'd had this ready, as after all that research, I'd figured out that was pretty standard procedure. I signed the necessary paperwork, and he returned to his work area to clean up and set up for me. When he called us back, I had Chris and James come back with me, as I am a total pansy, and had never had a professional piercing before (despite having five holes in my ears already).

It was a little awkward, I'll admit. I specifically remember asking, "So, do I just whip 'em out, or what?" I had hoped Bob hadn't heard me, but he did. He told me I'd need to remove my bra and shirt, but since I was wearing a little zip-up hoodie that day, I could just put my hoodie back on and unzip enough for him to pierce me, if that made me more comfortable. I agreed that it did, and shoo'd everyone out of the little room. By the time they came back in, I was sitting on the edge of the bed thing, and everything went from there.

I tried not to look at the needle. I really did. I was so busy trying to distract myself with random things in the room I actually looked directly at it, though - and immediately wished I hadn't. It was a wee bit bigger than I'd pictured it to be. No big deal, I'd just look at Chris instead. While I was doing so, Bob affixed the clamps to my left nipple. It wasn't a pleasant feeling, and the butterflies in my stomach started about then, but it wasn't as painful as I'd read from a few experiences I'd found online. I put both hands to either sides of my thighs and power-gripped the edge of the table-bed thing, looking up and away as he asked me to take a deep breath in. The butterflies got worse ("I can't believe I'm really doing this. Am I really doing this? Any second now..."), and he instructed me to take a deep breath out. As I did, I felt the needle go through.

First, the pain wasn't... incredibly bad. Not like torture-esque. It seemed to last forever, though I realize it could only have been about a second. I remember the pain felt something along the lines of burning-stabbing, but then the needle was through, and the pain died down a lot. The whole time he had pierced me, I'd let out a string of curses that I'd never quite put together so creatively before. When he was done, shivered slightly, and sighed.

"Are you all right?" I nodded, reassured him I was fine, but he asked again, "You sure? Do you want to take a break?" I shook my head no, and he prepped my left nipple for the same.

Mid-prep, I swung my legs a little. It was a subconscious thing - I'm short, so I swing my legs alot when I sit anyways - and I was also keeping my upper body as still as possible the whole time. My feet swung a little, probably to relieve some of my tension, and I felt a shoe clunk against his wheelie chair. "Did you just kick me?!" he half-joked. I immediately began apologizing, but he just smiled. "It's fine. Just don't do that when I jab you next time. Actually, just don't do that again." A few seconds later, he told me, "Take a deep breath in..." I obliged, and then followed the exhale-pierce-cuss scenario, this time much worse.

I will not lie to you... the second one was worse than the first, despite my fervent hopes it wouldn't be. I gritted my teeth until I'm sure my entire skull hurt, and there was a point I held out the word "christ" so long, it sounded like a hiss. Then, all of a sudden, he was done. The jewelry was through - circular barbells - and the beads were on. I zipped up, took a few deep breaths, then noticed I was shaking a little. Probably not enough to vibrate clear off the table, but I noted that my arms and legs were trembling, and promptly told Bob. He swung around and reclined the table for me, and told me not to try getting up until I had completely stopped shaking (which I was happy to do). This freaked Chris out, so he put his hat over my eyes and I just chilled on the bed for a minute, focusing on breathing.

The rest of it was cake... almost. When I got up to go pay, I noticed when I moved without a bra, the fabric of my hoodie rubbed my new piercings, and it was agonizing. But moving too much tugged on them, too, and so made putting my bra back on impossible. Walking several blocks back to the car in obvious pain with my boobs swinging freely was not an option, so I forfeited my keys to Chris and James, and discussed prices and aftercare with Bob (sea salt soaks, healing processes, etc).

By the time the boys had come to get me, I'd talked Bob into changing the captive bead ring in my cartilage, paid for the piercings and jewelry, and had even talked to him a little bit about a tattoo in the near future. Eventually my boyfriend salvaged me, and we headed back to his house... where I lay on his bed topless and enjoyed not having to move or touch them as opposed to being tortured by a shirt or hoodie. We chilled for a while and a bit later I grabbed a few Zs (I'd had to forgo a bit of sleep to drive the eighty miles that morning), but I'd moved a little in my sleep so when I woke up, we had a frantic - but careful! - search for one of the beads from the left nipple ring. We found it! As an afterthought, I guess I should have asked for captives, but I haven't had any little moments like that since then, as I started wearing a bra to bed.

I've heard a lot of people say you would have to wear really loose bras or t-shirts while your nipple piercings healed, but as a chick (I can't speak for the guys, obviously), I've found a bra with GOOD SUPPORT - underwire and somewhat thicker padding - is perfect. It keeps them from a lot of friction or movement, but I suppose if pressure hurts you more than friction, you might go with the loose t-shirt.

Overall, my experience was wonderful. I love my nipple piercings! Every time I get in the shower or get dressed, I look down and am still amazed at the little bits of shiny I find there. Despite all that, I still can't believe I went through with it, but I'm glad I did. In the last week I've gotten a total of four piercings, and I love all of them! I'm heavily considering going back to Redemptions and getting my tongue pierced, but I should probably check with my boss first... I'll let you know how that goes! :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Bob
Studio: Redemptions
Location: Florence+%28%3F%29%2C+Kentucky

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